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The Only Constant Is Change — And, Boy, Has COVID Taken Advantage


As the world downshifts to endemic mode, the travel goods and gear travelers are taking to the sky and on the road are transitioning as well — an evolution that has been in fast-forward since the pandemic first arrived on the scene. See how manufacturers’ products are aligning with new travel patterns. READ MORE

Our Call for YOUR Company News


Have you been in the news? Has your product been featured on a show or in a movie? Seeking new employees? Searching for distribution partners? Did you roll out a new product or product line? Did you do something good, or have a challenge you think a fellow member may be able to help you solve? We want to know. Email updates, info and press releases to TGA’s Kim Wong,, and we’ll spread the word.

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Changed Itineraries, Higher Fares: How the War in Ukraine Is Affecting Travel


How travelers feel the effects of Russia’s assault on Ukraine depends largely on where they’re going, though the price of oil will weigh on all airfares, even domestic. READ MORE

Key Trends in Influencer Marketing in 2022


After nearly two years of upheaval in the eCommerce landscape, brands are under increasing pressure to stay ahead of the rising competition and generate new sales. Fortunately, some tools make it much easier to build a loyal audience for a product or service — and one of those is influencer collaborations. READ MORE

U.S. Airlines Are Supporting Relief Efforts in Ukraine — How Passengers Can Help


Several airlines in the U.S. have stepped up to support relief efforts in Ukraine, donating money and allowing customers to donate their frequent flier miles. United Airlines is encouraging passengers to donate either money or their MileagePlus miles, which the company would then match up to $100,000 and 5 million miles, the carrier shared with Travel + Leisure this week. READ MORE

The Travel Goods Show

Traveling to Italy Just Got Easier with Easing of COVID-19 Testing Requirements


International travelers can enter the country by simply showing they have been fully vaccinated within nine months or have received a booster shot. READ MORE

The 10 Most Innovative Travel Companies of 2022


Why Hopper, Atlys, Deem, Life House, and the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada are among the most exciting travel companies of the year. READ MORE

10 Hottest Retail Loyalty Plans in 2022


Many new and upcoming programs straddle the line between the traditional equation — cash spent equals rewards earned — and more complex formulas that integrate AI, convince consumers to sign up for paid rewards programs, and even incorporate retail partnerships. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

How Will Gas Prices Impact Spring Break Travel? Here’s the Math


Prices at the pump continue to rise across America, impacting the wallets of most throughout the country. Spring Break travel is almost here, so how much more will you be spending for gas? Are flights cheaper? We did the math. READ MORE

When Women Leaders Leave, the Losses Multiply


The pandemic’s negative impact on women in the workforce will not be reversed for a very long time. In the first year of the pandemic alone, 54 million women around the world left the workforce, almost 90% of whom exited the labor force completely. The participation rate for women in the global labor force is now under 47%, drastically lower than men at 72%. READ MORE

This Swashbuckling $3 Billion Company Is Single-handedly Trying to Fix the Supply-Chain Crisis


Flexport brings digital savvy and a get-it-done attitude on behalf of its customers to solve the bottlenecks keeping your stuff from getting to you faster. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

The Best Time to Use Your Airline Miles? Now


If you’re thinking of traveling and you’ve got points or miles sitting in airline and credit card accounts, the time to cash in may have arrived. Here’s what you need to know. READ MORE

Three Key Considerations Affecting Retail Design in 2022


With the potential for new COVID variants, record levels of inflation and evolving consumer preferences, 2022 retail design will change more in the next year than it has in the past decade. Retailers need to expand beyond the generic retail spaces of the past in order to maximize for shop-ability, safety and profitability. Here are the three key factors affecting retail design, and what retailers and brands need to do next. READ MORE

11 Female-owned Hotels Around the World with Amazing Stories


There are many unknowns surrounding travel right now, but one thing is for sure: A stay at any of these women-run properties will be memorable. From the captivating mountain views in upstate New York to the dazzling beaches of the Caribbean, consider this your way to have a vacation and stimulate the growing sector of female entrepreneurism. READ MORE


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