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Two Weeks and Counting


Download the 2023 Mobile App to plan your Show — Use your phone to easily search for and find companies, brands and products at the Show! You can even begin planning what you want to see and where you want to go before arriving on site. After the Show, you can continue using the app to connect with exhibitors any time of year. The Mobile App places all the Show information at your fingertips, including exhibitors, Show destinations and events. Plus, access the full session schedule and floorplans. Advanced features will provide you with a truly personalized experience, including creating personalized Favorites, planning your agenda, taking notes and creating a SmartRoute between exhibitors. Download the App at App Store (IOS), Google Play (Android).

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We Need You! Please Participate in the March 8 GSP Lobby Day in Washington, DC


On March 8, the TGA-supported Coalition for GSP will hold a lobby day visiting Congressional offices in Washington, DC. We will have a full day (8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.) of Congressional meetings pushing Congress to renew the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program ASAP, or at least provide a partial refund of duties paid in the interim. Company participation is critical! If we can’t demonstrate a strong show of broad support for GSP, it will be hard to convince Congress to pass GSP renewal this year. TGA plans to participate. But, again, we need YOU, the companies! Register here or contact TGA’s Nate Herman for more information.

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9 Sustainability Takeaways from NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show


Retail sustainability was everywhere at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show. It was being discussed on the main stages in front of thousands of people, in private invitation-only meetings and on the trade show floor. As sustainability becomes increasingly embedded into retail business models, several key themes emerge when retail executives gather to talk about the future of retail. READ MORE


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Armbie® is a Personal Travel Comfort Device that gently supports your arms while evenly distributing the weight across your upper back.  Armbie® is made of a flexible, durable, silky material, and is designed to support your arms when you are scrolling on your phone, reading a book, or just tuck in your arms for some comforting rest. Then when not in use, the Armbie® conveniently stores away in a built-in stuff sack.

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Why People Are Buying Travel Insurance for International Trips


While international travel isn’t quite hitting the levels it did in 2019 — pre-pandemic — it’s still expected to make a strong recovery this year. And with that increased travel demand, it’s no surprise that prices for international flights have also risen nearly 30%, the site estimates. That’s why it’s vital that you prepare for the expenses associated with international destinations. READ MORE

8 DTC Retail Trends to Watch in 2023


With macroeconomic challenges from 2022 seeping into the new year, brands are balancing out their store count, pushing for profitability and more. READ MORE

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3 Cybersecurity Trends Shaping Retail in 2023


As commerce continues to thrive online, maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture has become crucial for retailer survival. According to publisher forecasts, global security revenues in retail are headed for strong growth in the next few years, from $7 billion in 2019 to $12 billion by 2025. A key threat to this potential is the ever-present possibility of cyber disruption. READ MORE

Cashier-less Checkout Is Retail’s Next Normal


One study published in November found that 66% of consumers prefer self-service because it is faster and less stressful than interacting with human cashiers. Another study revealed that poor-quality human interaction was a factor, with 12% of self-checkout users saying they preferred these options because they did not like dealing with cashiers. READ MORE

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14 Communications Experts Predict the Biggest Social Media Trends of 2023


Social media trends can be ephemeral, especially as technology advances and different platforms wax and wane in popularity. For this reason, it’s important for professionals to stay up to date on new trends and best practices so they can integrate them into their own marketing strategies. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your social media campaigns, check out these 14 predictions for 2023 from members of Forbes Communication Council. READ MORE

The New-Collar Workforce


There’s a huge, capable, and diverse talent pool out there that companies aren’t paying nearly enough attention to: workers without college degrees. It’s time for a skills-first approach to hiring and people management. READ MORE


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