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Strategizing is the key to saving on travel and travel gear. Find tips in Sara Ecclesine’s “Inflation-Busting Travel Gear” story. Strategic planning also figures into keeping cosmetics temperature stable in unstable climes and times and never having to worry about stale and smelly luggage. Learn how in Industry Buzz.

You’re One Step Away from Achieving Show Success


Take the one step needed to ensure your success at Travel Gear + Luggage presented by the Travel Goods Association at The Inspired Home Show in Chicago, March 4-7.

  • Retailers: Register here.
  • Exhibitors: It’s your chance to connect with an influential group of key retailers. Email Cathy Trecartin at for booth information.

We Need You! Please Participate in the March 8 GSP Lobby Day in Washington, DC


On March 8, the TGA-supported Coalition for GSP will hold a lobby day visiting Congressional offices in Washington, DC. We will have a full day (8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.) of Congressional meetings pushing Congress to renew the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program ASAP, or at least provide a partial refund of duties paid in the interim. Company participation is critical! If we can’t demonstrate a strong show of broad support for GSP, it will be hard to convince Congress to pass GSP renewal this year. TGA plans to participate. But, again, we need YOU, the companies! Register here or contact TGA’s Nate Herman for more information.

Viewpoint: The One Trade Pipe That Will Signal a Turnaround


The pipes within the flow of trade are interdependent and are powered by the consumer. While there are many different ways to analyze the flow of trade by reviewing the movement of drayage, port productivity and warehouse inventories, there is one public trade data point the world should be keeping an eye on for any signs of a consumer uptick. I am talking about ocean freight bookings. READ MORE

These Trends Will Define How We Travel in 2023


From the economy to the environment, from health and wellness to food and friends, these factors are influencing how we travel the world this year. READ MORE

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The No-Jet Set: They’ve Given Up Flying to Save the Planet


With airplanes producing a large amount of climate-warming emissions, a growing number of travelers are signing pledges to keep their journeys on the ground. READ MORE

Retailers Try to Curb Theft While Not Angering Shoppers


Across the retail landscape, businesses have been putting items under lock and key as a quick way to stop thieves. Some are considering extreme measures, including Rite Aid Corp., whose chief retail officer Andre Persaud told analysts on an earnings call late last year that it’s looking at “literally putting everything behind showcases to ensure the products are there for customers who want to buy it.” READ MORE

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Operating from our head office in Toronto, Canada, Trochi-Travel is an international purveyor of luxurious, high-quality, and moderately-priced hard-side, rolling luggage for today’s travelers. Formed in 2015 in response to the growing demand for premium quality, yet affordable luggage, Trochi-Travel presents a line of products made from the finest raw materials, designed to be both functional and beautiful. You can count on Trochi luggage to meet all the rigorous demands of modern, international travel, and look good while doing it.

Contact: Terry Jiang at, 905-534-7008. VISIT TROCHI.COM/TROCHI-TRAVEL

Biden Calls for Passage of a Bill to Stop ‘Junk Fees’ in Travel and Entertainment


After a series of high-profile airline debacles this winter, President Biden dedicated quite a bit of airtime in his State of the Union address to the Junk Fees Prevention Act, a push to limit hidden fees and surcharges in a number of industries. READ MORE

Which Airlines Offer Luggage Tracking Services?


If you’re into technology or frequent travel, you might have picked up a few Apple AirTags or comparable luggage tracking devices. While these are undoubtedly helpful in ensuring your bags make it to the destination (and don’t end up on a different continent), airlines have offered a similar feature for years now. Indeed, luggage tracking is integrated into several airline travel apps, giving added peace of mind on trips. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

Understanding and Exploring Core Social Media Features


With so many competing social media ecosystems, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the features. How do you know which platform to prioritize to make the biggest impact on your business? Most experts will tell you there’s no right way to do it. But here we’ll discuss the common social media features brands benefit from the most and a few untapped features to consider. READ MORE

6 Unexpected Destinations to Travel to That Are Full of Black History


Check out a few low-key domestic locations that may not come to mind immediately when you think of Black history, but have a lot of it to offer. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

One’s Happiness Quotient Could Enable Legacy-Leaving Leadership


The elements that go into attaining happiness have a far more introspective emphasis than the outward orientation of success. And there is a reason for that. READ MORE

Couple Used Apple AirTag to Track Luggage, Found It Was Donated to Charity


A newly married Canadian couple found out their luggage had been donated to a charity after a months-long search that involved the police, endless wrangling with Air Canada, and an AirTag. READ MORE


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