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The HUB Keeps You Connected to Travel Goods Buyers NOW


Buyers from department stores, big box stores, travel goods specialty stores, hotel boutiques, college stores, cruise lines, catalogs, e-commerce, warehouse clubs, discounters, importers/exporters, and distributors log in to the HUB every day looking for the latest travel goods to restock their stores. Will they find you there? READ MORE

The Latest Buzz Shows Industry Players Know Their Zeitgeist


One luggage company gets in step with the global pulse with new collection color lilac, inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year and reflecting these transformative times. Another intros a gorgeous duffel collection made with landfill salvage that is waterproof, thanks to its seamless bottom bathtub construction. And the new owner of an old brand vows to “scale our impact,” among other ambitions. Learn more here, plus find out who’s offering free video chats and live product demos.

TGA Call for Reinstatement of China Section 301 Tariff Exclusion Process in Anti-China Legislation


On Feb. 1, TGA joined dozens of other organizations in urging the House to include the reinstatement of the China Section 301 tariff exclusion process in larger anti-China legislation being considered. The reinstatement of a transparent, fact-based process would enable travel goods companies to apply to eliminate the 25% punitive tariff on U.S. travel goods imports from China.

TGA Urges FMC to Extend Gate Fees, Address Gate Efficiency at Ports of LA/Long Beach


On Jan. 28, TGA joined two dozen organizations in urging the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to extend gate fees that encourage off-peak entry into the ports but also urged the FMC to immediately address the larger problem of gate productivity at the Ports of LA/Long Beach.

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Carriers’ Great Expectations for Q1 Profits Look Set as Rates Bull Run Continues


The bull run for ocean carriers appears unstoppable, with profitability in the first quarter of the year looking to be even better than expected. And notwithstanding continued disruptions in the supply chain, the traditional post-Chinese New Year slack season, and sky-rocketing vessel operating costs, the liner industry looks set for another record profitable quarter. READ MORE

Industry Groups Press Senate for Ocean Shipping Reform


In the wake of the passage last year of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, shippers and manufacturing groups are turning their focus in 2022 to support another federal initiative with the potential to iron out supply chain wrinkles, pledging to work with the U.S. Senate to pass an ocean shipping reform bill. Many shipper groups are backing the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA) of 2021, a bipartisan bill that easily won approval in the U.S. House in December. The bill’s passage in that body sent the legislation to the Senate for a new round of debate. READ MORE

Biden Promised to Confront China. First He Has to Confront America’s Bizarre Trade Politics


Joe Biden says that America’s greatest long-term challenge overseas comes from China. Confronting Beijing is the work of generations, he argues. It’s the battle that your grandchildren will study in college: Will democracy or autocracy prevail across the globe? The fight for economic superiority in Asia is a critical component of this contest. But 13 months into the Biden presidency, the administration’s plan for competing in the region consists of a single 51-word paragraph. READ MORE

The Travel Goods Show

19 Expert-approved Travel Packing Cubes to Keep You Organized on the Go


If you’re not using packing cubes already, then let us introduce you to your new favorite on-the-go organizers and travel accessory. Available in nylon, mesh and many other soft materials, packing cubes are essentially zippered pouches of differing sizes that allow you to organize the contents of your suitcase. They’ve become ubiquitous for all kinds of travelers — from business tycoons to beach-goers to backpackers. READ MORE

European Nations Still Not Buying into a Coordinated Approach on Travel Rules


Perhaps no other region has demonstrated the chaos and resulting negative impact on the travel industry as a result of a non-uniform approach to entry rules than the European Union. But there was hope for the end of the fragmented EU approach by early 2022. The European Council adopted a recommendation, effective Feb. 1, that members should lift all entry restrictions for intra-EU movement, and base the rules on an individual’s health status — vaccinated, recovered, or neither — rather than the traveler’s country of origin. READ MORE

4 Ways Managers Can Increase Flexibility Without Losing Productivity


To increase employee flexibility on their teams, managers need guidance and support — otherwise, they could burn out on the job or check out to find a new one. Here are four ways managers can offer their teams flexibility without breaking under the coordination costs or significantly stalling progress. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

There’s a Vending Machine for That: Why Automated Retail Is Becoming More the Norm


Vending machines have taken a new, upscale form in the Canadian market, and experts say the pandemic, along with more innovative technology, have spurred this shopping trend. Globally, the industry is expected to see 10% annual growth each year until 2027, and big Canadian companies like Sport Chek, Canadian Tire, Rexall and The Source have all started to invest. READ MORE

Fashion Is Just TikTok Now


The video app absolutely dominates style trends and discussion around fashion. What does that mean for the way we dress? READ MORE

With 90% of Warehouses Still Manual, Robots Have Massive Retail Runway


“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” So goes the old saying. But when Amazon Robotics Fulfillment scoffed at an imminent warehouse automation revolution back in 2014, at least one firm thought it could do it better — and faster. It was a crucial moment for the next three years of warehouse automation. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

It’s Not How Much You Fly, It’s How Much You Spend


Budget travelers endured a virtual slap in the face from Delta Air Lines earlier this month when the carrier noted on its website that it was doing away with awarding frequent-flier points in 2022 on Basic Economy tickets — the most restrictive fares on the plane that usually involve forgoing seat assignments, cancellation credits and early boarding. READ MORE

Americans Are Ready to Travel As Their Omicron Fears Fade


Americans’ enthusiasm for travel has rebounded to levels unseen since the broad rollout of COVID-19 vaccines last year, as their wanderlust eclipses hesitation fueled by the omicron and delta virus variants. Nearly 82% of people are in a “ready to travel” mindset in 2022 — a 5 percentage-point increase in just the last two weeks, according to a survey of 1,200 American travelers published Monday by Destination Analysts, a tourism market research firm. READ MORE


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