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TGA Joins Dozens of Others in Opposing Proposal that Would Eviscerate Industry’s Ability to Use California Prop 65 Warning Labels


On Jan. 21, TGA joined dozens of other organizations in opposing California’s Office of Environmental Health & Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) proposal to modify the California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) warning labels. The letter comes after TGA submitted its own comments in opposition to the proposal. If OEHHA adopts the proposal, companies would be required to list chemicals on their warning labels, with only a year to switch to the new labels. Both comments argue that the proposal would actually make the warning labels less useful to consumers, would impose significant burdens on the small, family-owned companies that comprise our industry, and would further the over-labeling that has already occurred as a result of Prop 65. TGA continues to encourage companies to put Prop 65 warning labels on their products (See TGA guidance) as the only true way to indemnify you and your customers under Prop 65.

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Travel Goods Industry Presses Biden for Tariff Relief Amid Shipping Crisis


In a Jan. 18 letter to President Biden “[o]n behalf of the U.S. travel goods industry,” Travel Goods Association President Michele Marini Pittenger urged him “to take more action now to end, and provide immediate relief from, the ongoing shipping crisis that is not only devastating our industry, but damaging the entire American economy.” According to Pittenger, that crisis “remains dire and is actually getting worse.” On Jan. 18, she noted, 170 ships were waiting off shore to enter the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. READ MORE

Lawmakers Step Up Tariff-Exclusion Talk


A bipartisan group of House lawmakers urged U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Katherine Tai to expand and expedite a tariff exclusion process for goods produced in China. Reinstating and broadening the exclusion process would help American producers compete on the global stage, providing “critical support to American workers, businesses, and our economic recovery,” they wrote in a letter to Tai. The travel goods sector has battled economic pressure amid skyrocketing supply chain costs and shipping delays over the past two years. READ MORE

Carrier ‘Gravy Train’ Steams Ahead, Thanks to Congestion and New Contracts


Despite a weakening in demand, ocean carriers will bank another $200B of profit between them this year. In its latest Container Forecaster report, maritime consultant Drewry said it was downgrading its 2022 outlook for world port throughput to 4.6%, from its previous assessment of 5.2%. READ MORE

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No Respite for China’s Stressed-out Supply Chains as COVID-Zero and New Year Holidays Take a Toll


COVID lockdowns, quarantines and restrictions are causing a backlog in some of China’s major ports, resulting in “chaos” and pushing up air freights by as much as 50% in some cases, analysts tell CNBC. Ahead of the extended Lunar New Year holiday in China, air freight rates have spiked and some shipping firms have suspended services, putting the spotlight on overwhelmed supply chains again. READ MORE

5 Changes in Air Travel That Flight Attendants Are Looking Forward to This Year


We couldn’t help but wonder what it’s been like for flight attendants who have been working through it all — and what lies ahead for 2022. Here, five flight attendants from various airlines share what they’re seeing and hearing in their cabins, and what they’re looking forward to most this year. READ MORE

Holiday Bookings Jump as UK COVID Travel Tests Axed


Jet2 said bookings had increased by 30% last week after the announcements that rules would be relaxed for people arriving in the UK. The rule changes mean fully vaccinated people arriving in those countries from abroad do not need to take COVID tests. The change will come into effect on Feb. 11. Steve Heapy, chief executive of Jet2, told the BBC the removal of testing was a “game-changer” for the travel industry. READ MORE

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The 5 Best Trains in the U.S. — From the Grand Canyon Railway to the Rocky Mountaineer


Slow travel is making a comeback, with travelers delighting in the romantic nostalgia of elegantly furnished train cars complemented by fine dining. And while the U.S. has been, admittedly, rather slow to reclaim luxury train travel — particularly compared to the rest of the world — there are a growing number of elegant rail experiences to be found across the country. Here, five of the best luxury train travel experiences in the U.S. READ MORE

Why Is User Generated Content Missing from Physical Retail?


Online customer reviews have long been seen as critical to supporting consumers’ purchasing decisions, while online platforms from Instagram to TikTok and YouTube are increasingly driving product discovery. User generated content (UGC), however, can barely be found in stores. READ MORE

Communicating Authentically in a Virtual World


One of the most common leadership buzzwords amongst both executives and academics is “authenticity.” Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg emphasized that “leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection,” while Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks, noted, “the companies that are lasting are those that are authentic.” Indeed, research studies have similarly affirmed the importance of authenticity as a key driver of overall work outcomes for everyone from frontline workers to leaders. READ MORE

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Are Perks the Secret to Associate Job Retention at Retail?


For the second year in a row, Lululemon was the highest-ranking retailer on Glassdoor’s annual list of the “100 Best Places to Work,” coming in at the ninth spot. Like many other retailers landing on the list, perks were particularly called out in Glassdoor employee reviews of the company. READ MORE

5 Critical Things to Do Before Creating Social Media Accounts for Your Company


By now, marketing professionals have few doubts about the impact of social media on a brand. We’ve all heard the stories of some company or product going viral from a single tweet. What we don’t hear about as often is the preparation that companies do before opening their Twitter account. Like most things in your entrepreneurial journey, it’s all about preparation. Don’t just open social media accounts for your company without some basic first steps. Here are five steps to take before opening your company’s social media accounts. READ MORE


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