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TGA Urges U.S. Government to End China Section 301 Tariffs


On January 17, TGA urged the U.S. Government to end the 25% Section 301 tariffs on U.S. travel good imports from China under the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) Four-Year Review of the China Section 301 Tariffs. In its comments, TGA finds that the China Section 301 tariffs have done nothing to curb China’s unfair trade policies or intellectual property rights (IPR) theft. Instead, the China Section 301 tariffs have only hurt U.S. travel goods firms and its 100,000 American workers and raised costs for hardworking American families. The most effective way to move sourcing away from China has been the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program but Congress’ failure to renew the program for over two years now has actually incentivized sourcing to start moving back to China.

The Inspired Home Show Preps for Travel Goods Association Exhibit


HomePage News recently sat down with International Housewares Association President Derek Miller and TGA President Michele Marini Pittenger to discuss the IHA-TGA partnership and why the marketplace is well positioned for a trade show combining home, housewares and travel products. READ MORE

China’s Bid to Leave COVID Behind Could Determine Global Economy’s Fate


China is powering through an epic wave of coronavirus infections, setting the stage for a rebound in consumer and business activity that could prevent the global economy from tumbling into recession. In recent days, Wall Street analysts at firms such as Goldman Sachs and Capital Economics have upgraded their forecasts of Chinese growth, citing signs that the coronavirus outbreak is peaking sooner than expected. READ MORE

Four Troubling Global Trade Trends Flashing Consumer Weakness for a Market Already Fearing Recession


Wall Street’s biggest bank CEOs were talking a recession as the “central case” as part of earnings reports last week. It might be a “mild” one, as Moynihan predicts, but from the world of global trade, there are several indicators backing up the bank chiefs’ view of the macroeconomic landscape, flashing warning signals of continued consumer weakness for the first quarter. READ MORE

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CES Rebounds with Strong Numbers, Delivers Largest Global Tech Event


The 2023 edition of the world’s most influential tech event, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place in Las Vegas January 5-8, exceeded its own expectations and returned to six-digit attendance for the first time since the pandemic. READ MORE

Air Travel Costs Soar at Record Rate in December


The price of coach travel rose by 17.5% in December compared to the same month in the previous year. Higher transport costs contributed to the overall inflation rate which grew 10.5% in December. While the pace of inflation slowed compared to November, price rises are still running at close to a 40-year high. READ MORE

These Travel Organizers ‘Hold Everything’ and Right Now They’re Up to 50% Off at Target


When you’re traveling, packing — and feeling good about how you packed — is half the battle of having a successful trip. Even more, you want to feel confident that your bags and belongings will arrive safely and intact. To get you there, it’s worthwhile to invest in luggage and organizational products that make your stuff look good upon arrival, and make you feel good, too. READ MORE

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TikTok Chips Away at Google’s Dominance in Travel Discovery


TikTok is chipping away at Google’s travel dominance one 30-second dance at a time. Travel marketers eager to bypass search engines have an opportunity to do so with this new social media platform. READ MORE

How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement


Instagram engagement rate is a key signal that determines if and where content appears in users’ feeds and if it gets recommended. The popularity of an Instagram post is one of the most important ranking signals for Instagram content. In other words, the more likes a post has, the higher Instagram may rank it, which means the more results (i.e., DMs or product views) it can generate. READ MORE

Flight Attendants and Frequent Flyers Reveal Nine Ways to Get Extra Luggage onto a Plane on Your Next Holiday (Without Paying Extra)


Hefty luggage fees are often an unexpected expense when it comes to air travel. You can be lured by bargain airline tickets, only to fork out a fortune on carry-on bags and checked-in luggage. Thankfully, there are a few tricks that’ll increase how much you can take on a flight without leaving a big dent in your bank balance. Here, flight attendants, frequent flyers and seasoned travelers reveal their top tips. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

How Do I Deal with a Manager with An Inconsistent Leadership Style? Ask HR


A reader poses the question: “My manager is very inconsistent. He starts off extremely hands-off, then out of the blue, he starts to show concern about our work. He scrutinizes our work, becoming hypercritical. Then he starts micromanaging us reassigning our tasks. Once things settle down, he shifts back to hands-off mode. It’s very draining and confusing. Can we get him to change his management style?” READ MORE

52 Places to Go in 2023


Travel’s rebound has revealed the depth of our drive to explore the world. Why do we travel? For food, culture, adventure, natural beauty? This year’s list has all those elements, and more. READ MORE


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