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Refer a Member — It’s a Win-Win


Throughout the challenges of the pandemic, the Travel Goods Association has worked diligently behind the scenes, advocating for the suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and partners that make up our industry. What makes us stronger? YOU, our members. The larger our membership, the more powerful we are as a group — in Washington, in member benefits, in our position as an association as a whole. If you know of an individual or company that should join TGA, please let us know by contacting Cathy Trecartin, Director of Membership.

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White House and Major Ports Launch New Fines for Shipping Companies to Improve Supply Chain


White House Port Envoy John Porcari announced a host of actions the Biden administration’s private sector partners will take to alleviate current supply chain delays. In particular, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have agreed to begin fining shipping companies at the end of January for leaving “long-dwelling empty containers” in efforts to “restore fluidity to the docks, free up chassis, and increase the velocity of the goods movement chain.” READ MORE

FMC Investigating Wan Hai as it Continues to Target D&D Fees


After repeated warnings over unfair fees and announcing investigations into the D&D charges from the major carriers, the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) filed an order on December 30 to start an investigation into the practices of Taiwanese shipping company Wan Hai Lines. Since early in the imports surge that created port congestion, the FMC has been focusing in on the fees in response to repeated complaints from shippers of excessive charges from carriers. READ MORE

Omicron Variant Likely to Fuel Inflation, As Americans Keep Shopping Rather Than Dining Out and Traveling, Retail Trade Group Economist Says


Omicron could inspire more people to buy goods rather than services, which would compound inflation as demand remains high and supply chain challenges continue, National Retail Federation’s chief economist, Jack Kleinhenz, said. The latest COVID wave is unlikely to prompt an economic slowdown or a shutdown of businesses, however, the advisor to the retail trade group said. READ MORE

The 2022 Travel Goods Show

COVID: Pre-Departure Travel Tests to Be Scrapped


Starting Friday, fully vaccinated travelers coming to England will no longer have to take a test before they travel. And starting Sunday, rather than taking a PCR test on day two of arrival, they can take a cheaper lateral flow. The rules for self-isolating on arrival will also change. The shake-up was confirmed by Boris Johnson earlier, following calls from travel firms who said the measures were not effective now that omicron was spreading widely. READ MORE

Nearly Half of Consumers More Likely to Stay at Hotels That Offer Hassle-free Cancellations, Refunds


As the rise of the omicron variant brings the pandemic back to the top of mind for consumers, if it wasn’t there already, providers of travel and entertainment services may want to remember that hassle-free cancellation and clear refund policies went a long way toward building consumers’ confidence to book hospitality services. READ MORE

The World’s Safest Airline for 2022 Revealed


This year, Air New Zealand has come out on top on the annual safety table, which monitors 385 carriers from across the globe, measuring factors such as the airlines’ crash and serious incident records, the age of their aircraft, as well as COVID-19 protocols and operational innovation. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

As Omicron Bears Down on Retailers, Landlords Get Creative to Fill Space


Tenants are being offered concessions like reduced rates and customized spaces, while vacant storefronts are being filled with pop-up shops and works by local artists. READ MORE

Where to Travel in 2022


Despite a lingering pandemic, many borders have reopened. More will likely follow this year, so the time to plan travel is now. Ranging from urban centers brimming with culture to untouched wilderness removed from crowds, here’s a glimpse at destinations to explore this year. READ MORE

The Risk of Social Media Marketing


Ecommerce marketing decisions are difficult. Advertising, search engine optimization, social media, content marketing — all involve communicating a message to an audience. But depending on the channel, the marketer may not control the message, its distribution, or even the audience. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

This Travel Company Will Send You on a Free Voluntourism Trip


Volunteering Solutions, the international volunteering placement organization with 12 years’ experience matching volunteers to over 27 different countries and hundreds of programs, is offering one person the chance to enjoy two weeks volunteering on one of their programs for free. The catch? The destination and volunteering focus is a secret! READ MORE

The Top Four Leadership Trends Organizations Need to Follow in 2022


If the chaos of 2020 — which bled quickly over into 2021 — has prompted your organization or leadership team to reconsider people priorities such as employee well-being, resilience, or purpose, then you’re in good company. And don’t think that your employees haven’t been reconsidering just about everything as well. In any organization or team, leadership is always the problem and the solution. READ MORE


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