TGA/Biden Urge Congress to Prevent Rail Strike

On November 28, President Biden urged Congress to stop a rail strike by immediately imposing the rail labor contract negotiated in September on railroads and rail workers. Congressional leaders have said they will vote on the contract as soon as this week (see railroad and union response). Eight of 12 rail worker unions have ratified the contract and four unions have rejected the contract. President Biden’s call came only hours after TGA and over 400 other organizations urged Congress to prevent a strike. The cooling off period preventing any work action (i.e., strike, work slowdown, or lockout) ends at midnight on December 8, which means a work action could start at 12:01 AM on December 9. Due to preparations for a strike, railroads will stop carrying certain items (perishable produce, gas, hazardous chemicals, etc.) as early as December 4 so they don’t get stranded during a strike. The American Chemistry Council found that a rail strike could devastate the U.S. economy, with 700,000 jobs lost, a 4% increase in inflation, and a possible recession. Approximately 30% of our industry’s product moves by rail. Urge your friends, staff, co-workers, family to send letters to Congress to prevent a rail strike. It only takes a minute!