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Sonic Technology, a family- and employee-owned company since its inception in the hills of Northern California in 1981, now serves custom-ers around the globe. Its product line includes a wide array of products such as the spAIRtray™ airline tray table, a new product designed to instantly upgrade one’s flying experience by pro-viding an extra shelf to help travelers feel less confined in the sky.

“The spAIRtray™ is a revolution-ary new product that will instantly upgrade your flying experience,” states Will Robertson. “Once you use it, you won’t want to travel without it.” The spAIRtray was designed to pro-vide a seamless way to expand one’s workspace and use multiple devices while in flight. The non-slip pad easily grips one’s devices and creates a perfect place to store drinks where you can be certain that the child bouncing around on the seat in front of you won’t cause any unintentional spills.

For more information, visit or contact Will Robertson at; 800-247-5548.