2020 Travel Goods Show FAQS

When is The Show?
This year’s Show is Wednesday March 4 – Thursday March 5, with extended hours: 8:00 am-5:30 pm both days. The official Show website is thetravelgoodsshow.org.

Why a 2-day Show?
Simply put: You asked for it. The overwhelming majority of respondents to our post-Show survey – retailers and exhibitors alike – requested a 2-day show with extended hours. Cutting a day reduces bottom-line cost for everyone, but the extended hours – 8:00 am-5:30 pm – still provide 19 hours to explore The Show, which many attendees felt was adequate.

Why New Orleans?
Las Vegas is essentially locked out due to Con Expo, which takes over every major convention venue in the city every three years. The resulting spillover on the calendar means there’s no suitable event space in Las Vegas during our critical late-February – late March window.

New Orleans is a destination city with tremendous appeal for many retail attendees, who ventured into travel products because they love travel. And it’s tremendously travel-friendly, centrally located in the U.S., with good winter weather. This should help draw retailers, new and old, to The Show.

The recently renovated Ernest N. Morial Convention Center is a keystone of the city’s business district, on the banks of the Mississippi River, with the historic French Quarter just minutes away on the city’s world famous streetcars.

Where Should I Stay?
Significantly reduced rates have been secured by TGA at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans-Convention Center, all within easy walking distance to the convention center. Look for booking links and info when the official Show website comes online in the coming weeks.

Why is Maximum Booth Size Limited?
The decision to limit maximum booth size wasn’t arrived at lightly. TGA and the Board of Directors conducted a lot of due diligence which included visiting other trade events with booth caps, and surveying exhibitors and retailers. The benefits of smaller booths were manifold:

  • Reduces The Show’s overall footprint, making it easier to navigate.
  • Promotes serendipitous discovery and exploration.
  • Focuses exhibitor product selection on new items.
  • Concentrates everyone in a smaller space, improving crowd networking and reducing walking time.

It’s important to note this booth size limit will not decrease the number of exhibitors – only the size of the booths and The Show’s physical footprint.

For more information about The 2020 Travel Goods Show, please contact Cathy Trecartin, 877-842-1938, x-702, cat@travel-goods.org.