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Scrubba by Calibre8 was formed in 2012 by Ash Newland, inspired by his difficulty washing clothes during preparations to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. He created a flexible washboard embedded within a sealable bag. The resulting pocket-size device weighs less than 5 oz and provides a machine-quality wash, anywhere – with minimal use of time and water. Fast-forward five years, and over 100,000 travelers have benefited from the Scrubba wash bag on their own adventures, gaining attention and funding through Shark Tank Australia.

“We simply aren’t interested in doing the same as everyone else,” states Ash Newland, who is also a patent attorney. “Scrubba products are durable, multi-functional, lightweight, and portable, and the company continues to adapt and improve its range to ensure that its products remain the easiest to use, most practical travel accessories on the market.”

Staple products include the Scrubba W pack – a wash bag, dry bag, and backpack rolled into one – and the Scrubba weightless wallet, which offers a virtually weightless, water-resistant means to carry cards and cash. Companion products include the Scrubba microfiber travel towel, for partially drying clothes or for drying off after a shower or swim, and the bulk-free Scrubba inflatable coat hangers that enable clothes to be dried anywhere.

For more information, visit or contact Ash Newland at; +61-3-9939-6736.