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Regent Square

Regent Square is a young, ambitious, international brand with design teams in Paris, Hong Kong and London. The company united luggage business professionals with over 100 years of combined expertise for inventive design with a modern-fashion approach to luggage.

Regent Square’s owner repeatedly experienced broken suitcase wheels, and being a fan of racing cars, he came up with the idea of using those wheels for luggage. Thus began the collaboration between Regent Square luggage and Goodyear® wheels. Regent Square’s lightweight, durable, stylish and sophisticated suitcases are made to last, with Goodyear wheels that have 360° maneuverability, shock resistance and performance in all conditions.

“We put our heart, soul and countless design hours into helping the world carry with greater durability and style,” says Regent Square’s Howard Yeung.

Regent Square is part of supply chain specialist the Darton Group, founded in 1982, with a portfolio of lifestyle brands presented in over 40 countries, with turnover of $170 million. They boast complete supply chain services with competitive prices and high-quality and reliable delivery and services including trend identification, product sourcing, design and development, manufacturing source identification and qualification, production planning and management, and much more.

For more information, visit or contact Howard Yeung at; +852-23138388.