Clöudz Tech Premium Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs

Style #PIL-966242
Clöudz Tech premium memory foam neck pillow is the ultimate comfort experience! The ergonomic custom-molded design provides pressure-relieving 360° of support and comfort as it gently cradles the head, neck and chin. The design of the back helps to ensure that the head will not easily move from side to side. One squeeze of our pillow and you will notice how our high density, ultra-premium Comforlite memory foam responds as compared to other pillows on the market. It is easy and soft to the squeeze, yet it will slowly return to its original shape, thus having the ability to conform to the specific characteristics of the neck, head and shoulders, providing the perfect amount of support to help relieve tension. For added comfort, convenience and value, our Clöudz Tech pillow includes a free Clöudz Blackout Sleep Mask and set of ear plugs.