Sillies Reusable Silicone Shoe Cover

Style #TAC5142BS
Made of water-resistant silicone, Sillies protect your favorite shoes from the rain, mud or even the first snowfall. These amazing waterproof silicone shoe covers essentially protect your shoes from almost anything.

They are convenient for everyday activities, from running errands to gardening to camping and even biking, etc. They are also the perfect solution for workers who need to access people’s homes, such as realtors, evaluators, etc.; no need to take your shoes off.

No matter what activity you plan to do, these shoe covers will keep your shoes intact in all types of weather. With Sillies, which are dirt resistant, your shoes are well protected.

Our Sillies shoe covers are durable, reusable, ultra-elastic and made of 100% silicone!

Trendy – A simple translucent design that perfectly matches your flat soled shoes. Show off your shoes, even on rainy days!

Non-slip – The sole’s convex pattern increases friction and is non-slip. Works great on wet surfaces. Ideal for rainy days, mud or first snowfall.

Easy to clean and reusable – just wash with water and let them air dry.

Colors available: Frost, Sunrise, Skyline, Highlight, Stormy

Multiple sizes available