Go-Be Plum Marble/Plum Solid 2-Pack

Style #709349
These beautifully designed Go-Be airplane tray covers come in a cool, variegated plum tone. These covers slip on to nearly every size tray table (even on trains and buses) to offer travelers an extra layer of protection against germs so they can feel confident in their personal space all flight long. Two covers come in our unique patented case, so they always stay fresh for round-trips or layovers. Our Go-Be case is dishwasher-safe, 100% recyclable, and easily clips on to any carry-on. All our covers are made from a fiber created out of recycled plastic bottles and treated with an advanced technology that is 100% effective for at least 25 washes. Hand- or machine-washable, our Go-Be can be used again and again, eliminating the need for those single-use disinfectant wipes that are filling our landfills and oceans. So, with every Go-Be purchase travelers are helping the planet. QBSleeves donates a portion of its profits to Ocean Conservancy, an organization committed to resolving the ocean plastic crisis.