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NorthUp Tek x JS Calkins

A mutual love of art, outdoor living and world travel drew JS Calkins’ founders together in 2001, with the goal of creating inspirational designs that are comfortable, functional and affordable.

JS Calkins’ group of enthusiastic young adults brought its energy and inspiration to the design table, and partnered with NorthUp Tek for its 20+ years of manufacturing prowess in bag and pack production. It’s an outdoor/action sports brand that lives up to its motto: Wherever you go, it’ll be all you need.

“Equipped with our own design team, NorthUp Tek x JS Calkins creates inspirational designs,” states Ivy Kwong. “One of those designs, the world’s first bouncing backpack with a patented anti-gravity suspension system, illustrates our commitment to R&D, sustainability, and providing products that are comfortable, functional and affordable.”

NorthUp Tek x JS Calkins makes a wide variety of outdoor, action, and casual sports and lifestyle bags and packs with manufacturing based in Hong Kong, China, and import and sales offices in the U.S. Its products include backpacks, business cases and accessories, handbags, wheeled luggage and casual bags, personal accessories and travel accessories.

For more information, visit or contact Ivy Kwong at; 425-941-0105.