Need Examples! White House Requests Samples of Material Hardship Due to #ShippingCrisis

In its ongoing conversations with the White House on the shipping crisis, the White House requested evidence of material hardship for importers due to shipping delays. TGA would like to be as responsive as possible. All responses will be anonymous.

Example: During 2021 YTD, importer X was forced to pay freight costs, fees, and surcharges of $_____________ above what was contracted at the beginning of the year. Importer X also experienced _______ cumulative days of delay, which translated into $______ in lost sales because importer X missed order/delivery deadlines.”

Please also share any other data you think speaks to material hardship — extra costs you have had to incur, impact on payroll, loss of sales or accounts, etc. — that would be helpful. Again, no identifying information will be shared. Please provide examples to TGA’s Nate Herman ASAP.