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Mont5’s expert craftsmen create durable leather goods using time-honored techniques that emphasize quality – of craft and materials – above production efficiency, to create legacy goods without the usual luxury markup.

Mont5 is named for Pakistan’s mountainous terrain – five of the world’s peaks that tower over 8000 meters are in Pakistan – which inspires the company’s artisans and exemplify Mont5’s lofty ideals and quality standards as they strive to create items that are timeless, rugged and lasting.

“We at MONT5 create durable goods which are built to last,” states Abid Ghafoor. “High quality craftsmanship, finest materials, excellent customer advocacy reflects our commitment to the exceptional. We believe in creating better products without sacrificing on time and craft.”

Mont5 is dedicated to providing the best quality products to its customers while improving the lives of the people who work with them. The company is committed to a high standard of ethical integrity, with business channels aimed at reviving quality craftsmanship while challenging the status quo of high-end brands.

For more information, visit or contact Abid Ghafoor at; 501-940-1117.