Merchant Card Processing Program


When taking advantage of TGA’s member benefits, please tell the company contacts that you are a member of TGA. Your membership status will be confirmed with TGA prior to service.


TSYS, a global payments company, is a nationally-recognized leader in transaction processing services and social marketing software, supporting more than 55,000 small- to large-scale businesses across the United States. It can handle more than $6.5 billion in credit card sales annually.


TSYS provides best-in-class service with 24/7 customer care, competitive pricing and technology-based solutions. Its innovative terminal and software technology provides important wireless and Internet solutions as part of its cost-effective, seamless approach to payment and transaction processing.


To find out exactly how this new member benefit will help you, and obtain a free rate analysis, please visit or contact Michael Magiera at 773-425-8839;


Michael Magiera, TSYS, Chicago, IL
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