DripLock is a stackable device that prevents the contents of pump-style bottles from spilling into your travel bag. Created by a freshman in college who was frustrated while traveling when a pump style bottle leaked all over her clean clothes, its patent-pending design prevents spillage and allows the user to stack the device one-half or three-quarters of the way up the stem of the pump to regulate the amount of content being dispensed. This design saves travelers money and allows their bottles to last longer.

“Assuming there must be a way to prevent pump bottles from spilling, I searched the Internet but did not find a plausible solution,” states Kelly Shea. “So, I decided to create a survey gathering data from 50 travel enthusiasts and found that over 80% traveled with pump-type bottles, over 75% were frustrated by pump-type bottles spilling in their travel bags and only 8% were satisfied with current solutions such as plastic bags, built-in locks to the bottle, etc. These results compelled me to create a solution for this problem.”

Kelly learned how to 3D print to make her first few prototypes, and the device known now as DripLock was born. This past April, a successful Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign was completed, raising $10,549 in just 30 days, allowing for production to begin. Recently, DripLock was accepted by Amazon.

For more information, visit www.buydriplock.com or contact Kelly Shea at 813-541-8477 or kellyshea@buydriplock.com.