Rocksax covers hard-sided wheeled luggage, backpacks, washbags, daypacks, shoulder bags and wallets with highly defined graphics merging iconic, fully licensed artwork from major music artists to create totally unique products.

“We are the only company globally that does this and everything we do is 100% officially licensed,” states Ian Hopkins. “Our products stand out from the crowd and, although they may not appeal to everyone, for those discerning customers who love their music we are a must-have.”

Their graphics cover the artwork of a wide range of iconic musicians from the Rolling Stones classic ‘Tongue’ artwork, the prism from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, or the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band from The Beatles, right through to the more modern artwork of Billie Eilish, Yungblud or Metallica.

For more information, visit or contact Ian Hopkins at +44 (0) 7963600788 or