TagCrazy luggage tag designs are unique, fun, colorful and durable and created to include a style for each person and every bag imaginable. Each tag can be personalized with one’s name and address, or a standard signature panel backside design can be selected.

“At TagCrazy we are absolutely crazy about creating the best designer luggage tags in the world,” states Earle Bowman. “We offer beautiful, colorful, dynamic visual designs for nearly every imaginable travel destination, sport, activity, or whatever your dream may be!”

TagCrazy has over 350 unique designer luggage tags in 15 collections including all state flags and all international country flags, tags for kids, all sports designs, suspense designs, floral designs, magical designs, iHeart designs, and more.

For more information, visit www.tagcrazy.com or contact Earle Bowman at 336-602-2941 or earle@tagcrazy.com.