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LOKSAK is the inventor and manufacturer of the aLOKSAK and OPSAK storage bags, and SPLASHSAK carrying cases. LOKSAK's founder, an avid Scuba diver, brainstormed for years on how to make a 100% waterproof bag. LOKSAK bags are clear, pliable, inexpensive, resealable, and certified 100% water-, air-, dust- and humidity-proof.

"Our products were originally designed to keep contents safe from water, but it quickly became evident that the bag was capable of much more," states Linda Kennedy. "LOKSAK soon earned the moniker of ‘the element-proof storage bag' — adding dust, humidity and air to its list of neutralized factors."

Products include the aLOKSAK, which allows users to manipulate touch screen devices while protected in the bag; the OPSAK, which has the same hermetic seal as the aLOKSAK but incorporates a new-generation odor-proof barrier film; the SPLASHSAK items, which are various nylon carrying cases that come with two aLOKSAK bags; and the SHIELDSAK, an RF Shield pouch that protects passports, credit cards and mobile phones from electronic snooping. LOKSAK also offers private label services.

For more information, log on to, or contact Linda Kennedy at 435-649-9009;

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