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Kalencom Corportion

Eco-friendly lifestyle pods are what Hadaki is all about. Hadaki's line of accessory bags, multitaskers, slings, totes and laptop cases are designed for men and women, and come in arresting color combinations utilizing coated cotton and sponge nylon bodies. The glossy bags are water repellent and easy to clean.

Hadaki was launched in 2009 as a subsidiary of diaper bag manufacturer Kalencom, which has partnered with designer Amy Butler to create a new line of eco-friendly lifestyle bags and accessories in her distinctive "Midwest modern" style, using 100% organic cotton and supple leather accents.

Kalencom, founded in 1971, is a domestic and international manufacturer with corporate headquarters and a main plant in New Orleans, a self-owned distribution and manufacturing plant in Mississippi, and manufacturing resources located in Asia. "Our Hadaki lines are designed for men and women who tend towards hip and trendy styling," states Monica Kalozdi. "Perfect for travel or trips around town, we offer affordable luxury for on-the-go students, young professionals and beyond."

For more information, log on to or contact Monica Kalozdi at: 504-943-0123;

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