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Hartmann Inc.

Hartmann Inc. was founded in 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Joseph S. Hartmann, an immigrant from Bavaria who envisioned a line of luggage that would stand as a symbol of excellence. Now a global luxury brand with an expanding and diversifying product line, Hartmann Inc. distributes and sells its luggage, business cases, and personal leather accessories in the U.S. and internationally through better-grade department and specialty luggage stores. "All Hartmann products must pass rigorous, standardized tests that simulate more than 10 years of heavy use to ensure that they live up to our standards of superiority and durability," says Carol Reeder. "From wheels and handles to zippers and stitching, every component of a product must pass these tests before being made available to consumers."

In addition, Hartmann has continued to use the same type of belting leather first purchased in the 1930s — a material that develops a rich patina as it ages, creating a signature, classic look. Products are also designed using exclusive fabrications and unique colors in order to differentiate Hartmann products. "American craftsmanship and a deep heritage have made Hartmann products a rich tradition since 1877," states Reeder. "Since its inception, Hartmann has believed in designing distinctive products, appealing to all types of consumers from those with an eye for fashion to the conservative business traveler who demands the highest quality."

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