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CCL Security Products/Prestolock

CCL Security Products, one of the original manufacturers who worked with TSA to reestablish luggage security for travelers, is no stranger to security. Formerly known as Corbin Cabinet Lock, CCL has been in the security products business since 1882.

CCL's unique SearchAlert luggage lock has a Green to Red Security Window that lets travelers know when the lock has been opened by TSA agents, which is essential info when travelers need to file claims for missing or damaged personal belongings.

"When the design work began for SearchAlert, our goal was to give the traveling public a true security lock with accountability features," states William Walsh. "At the end of the day, CCL is confident that it is providing the travel industry with true security products and not just plastic travel accessories. Professional travelers know the difference."

CCL has offered 3- and 4-wheel combination locks for industrial use since 1928, with the introduction of its Sesamee combination padlocks. Recently, CCL super-sized the Sesamee and introduced Super-Sesamee for added strength and security. All of these products can be found on the CCL website:

For more information, log on to or contact William Walsh at: 800-733-8588, x-280;

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