Luxury Dude Ranch

Red Reflet Ranch is a 28,000-acre luxury resort and working ranch on the west slope of the Bighorn Mountains, just minutes from the Bighorn National Forest. It is a scenic three-hour drive from Yellowstone National Park. The closest sign of civilization is Ten Sleep, Wyoming, with a population of about 260. Guests stay in their own private chalets, and family-friendly activities include horseback riding, ATVing, ziplining, swimming, fishing, shooting, and indulging in gourmet farm-to-table cuisine;
Source: The Guardian

Coast to Coast

The Italian region of Calabria is bookmarked by two seas with mountains and beaches in between. And now a new trail, nearly 34 miles long, has opened that will allow hikers to explore Calabria from coast to coast and experience the stunning nature and variety of landscapes that it’s known for;
Source: Lonely Planet

Tough Climb in the City

Copenhagen proves you don’t need mountains to create memorable mountain experiences. CopenHill, an adventure recreation site built on top of a clear power plant in the Danish capital, is planning to open a 279-foot artificial climbing wall it claims will be the world’s tallest. Complete with overhangs, the wall on its facade is designed to look and feel like a real mountain in the middle of the city. The higher you climb, the harder it gets, and ascending to the top will require more than just skill – appropriate certifications and a minimum age of 18 are necessary to make the trip.
Source: Travel + Leisure

Check It Out

The CDC agency now has an interactive tool to help people to check local and state restrictions at a destination by ZIP code. It also lists questions about risk factors, the infection rate and hospital capacity, possible prior exposure, travel with others and method of transportation.
Source: The New York Times

Old-time Get-together

In the hills of central California, family-owned and operated winery Alta Colina has created a most clever setting for a group getaway – five vintage campers set on the edge of a pond in the shadow of Alta Colina’s hilltop vineyard. Each meticulously restored trailer sleeps two and comes with ice box, coffeemaker, and linens. In true camping style, the bathroom and shower are conveniently nearby.
Source: Country Living

Artfully on the Horizon

In 2017, officials announced that the Bourse de Commerce, the former home of the Paris stock exchange, would be transformed into an art museum. More than three years later, the vision is almost complete as the new museum’s doors are expected to open on January 23, 2021. According to François Pinault, who purchased the space and made it his mission to turn it into the nation’s next great art destination, the museum’s programming will remain a secret until the opening.
Source: Vogue

Rush to the Gate

The Changi Airport in Singapore has a 3-story slide that is 12 meters (about 39 feet) tall where riders can expect to experience a stop speed of 6 m/s (about 13 mph) while going down the slide – just in case they’re late for a flight.

Bobbing Along

The longest mountain coaster in North America, the Cliffside Mountain Coaster at Mt. Van Hoevenberg, recently opened in New York’s Lake Placid. It runs for 1.4 miles and follows the alignment of the 1932 & 1980 Olympic Bobsled track as it descends the mountain. Visitors drive and control the speed of the ride as they slide through the track, hearing commentary about the 1980 Winter Olympics and the sport of bobsledding.
Source: USA Today

On the Road Again

National Geographic’s “Dream Now, Go Later” list of awe-inspiring destinations for 2021 includes Tulsa Oklahoma, where the city is introducing Greenwood Rising, its new “Black Wall Street” history center that will be a hub for speakers and events in the city’s Historic Greenwood District that was devastated by racial violence.
Source: National Geographic Traveler

Moon, Sand, and Water

Mosquito Bay, located in Vieques, Puerto Rico is no ordinary white-sand beach. Dubbed “Bioluminescent Bay,” this body of water becomes the world’s best natural light show at night. With over 700,000 bioluminescent dinoflagellates living within each gallon of bay water, visitors witness unreal neon lights bursting from below. Rent a clear polycarbonate canoe for the ultimate view of this natural wonder. Source: Travel + Leisure

Remotely Beautiful

Japan wants people to work from home remotely at its beautiful national parks. To that end, several parks, including Setonaikai, Nikko and Aso-Kuju, have installed Wi-Fi and workstations to rent at hotels and campsites, and have received support from the Japanese Environmental Ministry.
Source: The Telegraph

Exploratory Trail

Ride & Seek recently unveiled a new cycling adventure from Sydney to Melbourne that follows the footsteps of Polish explorer Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki, noted for his contributions to the exploration of Australia, particularly the Snowy Mountains and Tasmania. This two-stage expedition covers 1,569 km by bicycle over 18 days, including some of Australia’s most iconic climbs and its highest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko.

Give Me My Space

Among airports and airlines’ creative responses to provide additional safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, Denver Airport has gone high tech to ensure social distancing with a free airport-security reservations app called VeriFly that allows passengers to make a reservation to access a dedicated TSA screening lane and a reserved limited-capacity train car to the concourse.
Source: Washington Post

#1 Spa Retreat

Tough love is the order of the day at The Ranch Malibu – Condé Nast’s #1 ranked U.S. Spa Resort for 2020. Nothing is optional: not the 5:30 a.m. wake-up knocks (they will persist until you answer), not the 6 a.m. yoga or stretching sessions, not the hours of morning hiking, nor the afternoons spent in the gym or the near-vegan eating plan. If you wonder why people pay for this, you aren’t alone. But if you’re among the people who get it, then it’s the sort of yearly wellness tune-up that you’ll look forward to. And it helps that the lodgings are sublimely comfortable, there are daily massages, and the food – pared down as it may be – is made from the best organic ingredients and beautifully presented.
Source: CN Traveler

Swimmers on Deck

While many are completely obsessed with the overall retro-chic, 1960s glamour of the TWA Hotel at JFK, the favorite element may just be the infinity pool and observation deck overlooking New York City’s busiest runways. Open to hotel patrons and non-hotel guests (by way of day passes or reservations), The Pool Bar is where you can plane-spot in the pool, cocktail in hand. Bonus: The pool is open year-round—it can be heated up to 100 degrees in winter—and the cocktail menu often reflects the seasons and always plays off the fun aviation theme; Source: CN Traveler

Jump on the Star Train

While starry, starry skies may be a rarity for much of the world’s population, it’s a nightly occurrence outside the town of Ely, Nevada, where the Nevada Northern Railway Museum’s Great Basin Star Train departs. The historic train takes travelers east of Ely to a site where telescopes and astronomy guides help bring about a star-filled evening.
Source: LA Times

Honoring Military Service

Native Americans enlist in the military at five times the national average, with the highest per-capital participation of any other population group in the country and a history of service that dates back to the first days of the United States’ existence. Learn more about the contributions of Indigenous veterans at the Navajo Veterans Memorial Park, Window Rock, Arizona, which honors the Dine code talkers who were the backbone of Marine Corps efforts to use Indigenous languages to create secret, uncrackable transmissions during World War I and World War II.
Source: Budget Travel

Time to Share

With help from tech startups, the concept of timeshare vacation homes is shaking off its stodgy old image. Even commitment-phobes might be tempted thanks to Koala, a new platform that follows Airbnb’s model but allows individuals to rent one-time stays direct from timeshare owners that would otherwise sit unused. Source:

Long Haul Sleepers

National rail operators in Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland are joining forces to launch several new overnight train routes that will link 13 popular European destinations. Starting in December 2021, travelers will be able to take sleeper trains from Vienna to Paris via Munich, and from Zurich to Amsterdam through Cologne, Germany. By December 2023, new overnight rail routes are scheduled to launch between Berlin and Vienna and between Brussels and Barcelona. And by December 2024, passengers can expect to be able to travel overnight between Zurich and Barcelona.
Source: Reuters


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