Travel Gear for Four-Legged Friends

Pets are more popular than ever. Approximately 23 million Americans have gotten a dog or cat during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that number will only continue to climb. With more flexible schedules and opportunities to work remotely, many pet owners will be venturing out for long vacations or day trips with their four-legged friends. In fact, the American Pet Products Association discovered that 37% of pet owners take trips with their pet(s) each year, a 19% increase from the previous decade.

Traveling can be incredibly stressful for pets. Cramped spaces, long journeys, and unfamiliar smells and noises can all contribute to travel anxiety. Pet owners want to be assured they are doing whatever they can to make their cherished companions as comfortable as possible. We have found 12 innovative products that will help alleviate travel stresses for both pets and their owners and conveniently separated them into two categories — air travel and road travel. This modern travel gear will provide on-the-go pet owners with the most seamless travel experience possible while keeping their dog or cat comfortable and content.

For the Sky-Bound Pet

An estimated 2 million pets travel on commercial flights each year.  Whether a pet needs to be stowed in the cargo area of the plane or under the seat in the passenger cabin, their humans need to know they are safe and able to rest easily. Peace of mind when it comes to a pet’s well-being is invaluable.

For those taking their small dogs or cats with them on the plane, the new line of Kenneth Cole Reaction Pet Carriers from Heritage Travelware are some of the most stylish options available. Designed with airline under-seat storage dimensions in mind and in three different sizes, gold-tone zippers pop against the water-resistant fabric, giving the pet carriers a classic look that is easy to clean. The collapsible design makes storage a breeze, and the removable, machine-washable fleece lining makes clean-up simple. Ventilated mesh sides and an interior collar clip ensure pet comfort and safety.

Pet jet-setters will ride in style in the Kenneth Cole Reaction Pet Carriers from Heritage Travelware. Available in three sizes/styles: Medium Carrier, Large Carrier and Backpack Carrier. MSRP: $160/$200/$220

Contact info: Chris Ann D’Alessandro,, 800-634-2538

High-tech travelers will love the ROYO Smart Pet Backpack Carrier, one of the most innovative pet carriers on the market. With a quiet, built-in fan, pets will enjoy great air circulation as they travel in cramped quarters. A generously-sized, tinted window allows them to enjoy the scenery while keeping out harsh light, providing a calming place for pets to travel in comfort. A simple double-tap of the controls will gently and gradually illuminate the interior so it doesn’t startle the resting pet, allowing them to see their surroundings and owners to peek in on their pets. (A power bank is required to operate the light and fan and is not included.)

ROYO Smart Pet Carrier
Photo courtesy of ROYO

Keep traveling pets cool and comfortable with the ROYO Smart Pet Backpack Carrier. Measures 13” x 12” x 17.7”. MSRP: $78

Contact info: Miya Zhu,

Stylish and whimsical, the Victorlite Rolling Pet Carrier provides pet owners with maximum visibility of their beloved companion. The clear, polycarbonate shell allows pets to see their entire surroundings, helping to ease their nerves while traveling. It includes a cooling mat to help regulate the pet’s temperature along with a waterproof mat in case of any accidents. The carrier is super light and durable, and the dual-spinner wheels make for easy walks through the airport.

Victorlite Rolling Pet Carrier
Photo courtesy of Victorlite

The Victorlite Rolling Pet Carrier is a contemporary home-on-the-go for small cats and dogs. Measures 16.93” x 10.63” x 19.66”. Available in turquoise, green, coral and black. MSRP: $89.99

Contact info: William Amoron,, +86 13588865115

The airline-approved Dog Travel Bag from Tidify is the perfect way to keep all pet supplies organized while jet-setting. The bag includes two collapsible bowls for food and water, a first-aid bag with a carabiner and checklist, a detachable divider and a dog tag so it will never get lost. There are straps on one side of the bag for a blanket and a water bottle holder on the other. Trolley compatibility makes it easy to attach to a rolling suitcase.

Tidify Dog Travel Bag
Photo courtesy of Tidify

Tidify’s Dog Travel Bag holds everything a pet needs for their journey. Available in multiple colors. MSRP: $42.95

Contact info: Michelle Michael,, 855-209-9460

If a pet won’t fit in a small carrier and needs to be shipped by cargo, include the Foxble Environmental Fob with the pet shipper. After the trip, get a complete readout of the environmental details that transpired during the shipping event sent to your phone, including temperature, pressure and humidity. This device provides pet parents with peace of mind during a stressful time.

Foxble Environmental Fob
Photo courtesy of Foxble

The Foxble Environmental Fob works with both Apple and Android smartphones to give an accurate reading of a pet’s cargo travel environment. MSRP: $34.95

Contact info: Simon Namikas,, 415-205-6707

For the Road-Bound Pet

Pet owners love taking their furry friends on the road. In fact, 54.6% say their pet travels in the car with them more than six times a month. When traveling with a cat or dog in the car, there are many supplies one needs to be prepared. With both the journey and the destination in mind, there are products that can help make traveling on the road with a pet less messy and more organized.

Popular destinations for dog owners include hiking, camping and trips to the beach. The Saranac Pack from BAYDOG enables adventurers to enjoy the trip without dog supplies weighing them down, while the saddlebags help dogs keep their balance. Complete with a padded handle for ultimate support and control on difficult terrain, the durable construction features external tactical loops, multiple stash pockets and a waste bag dispenser for ultimate convenience. The padded, ergonomically designed harness with six adjustment points achieves superior fit and maximum utility. Simply remove the detachable saddlebags and it becomes a great harness for car travel. 

BAYDOG Saranac Pack
Photo courtesy of BAYDOG

The BAYDOG Saranac Pack is available in sizes M-XL and comes in black, blue, red and orange. MSRP: $69-$77

Contact info: Barton O’Brien,, 443-808-8664

Being on the road with pets can get messy. The Dexas MudBuster® provides quick cleaning of a dog’s dirty or muddy paws before they get back in the car. It features an array of soft, gentle, thick silicone bristles inside an easy-to-grip and conveniently-sized tumbler. Just add a little water, insert the muddy paw, do the twist, dab the paw dry and repeat for each paw.

Dexas Mud Buster®
Photo courtesy of Dexas

The Dexas MudBuster® is the convenient and portable solution for muddy paws. MSRP: $16.99

Contact info: Michele Nalepka,, 469-635-8122

Keeping pets hydrated while traveling is important, and the new 3 in 1 Water Bottle & Bowl from DOOG makes it easy to keep water cool during long car rides or while out and about. This ingeniously designed product includes a neoprene pet water bowl with waterproof lining that doubles as an insulator for the bottle. Simply unwrap and construct the bowl whenever pets need a drink. There is also a convenient carabiner to attach the bottle to a bag or car headrest.

DOOG 3 in 1 Water Bottle & Bowl
Photo courtesy of DOOG

The new 3 in 1 Water Bottle & Bowl from DOOG makes hydration easy for both pets and their owners. Available in red or blue. MSRP: $14.99

Contact info: Cinnamon Davis,, 702-970-7344

With the Kurgo Loft Wander Bed, dogs will be comfortable wherever they travel. Featuring a durable, water-resistant, ripstop top and Rufftex® waterproof bottom, it can handle any dog – no matter how wet – and any environment, from hotel floor to RV to campsite. The polyfill keeps things cozy, and its non-slip bottom makes sure dogs are secure in the car. It rolls up into a compact, sleeping bag-sized bundle with a handle for easy carrying and even has a hidden zipper pocket for small items.

Kurgo Loft Wander Bed
Photo courtesy of Kurgo

Kurgo’s Loft Wander Dog Bed will keep dogs cozy both on long road trips and outside the car. Available in Medium (25” x 36” x 1.5” open and 12.5” x 8” rolled up) and Large (36” x 48” x 3” open and 17” x 9.5” rolled up). MSRP: $69.99/$81.99

Contact info: Keith Anderson,, 865-777-5404

When traveling with pets in the car, there are many supplies one needs to have on hand. My Pet Pail allows pet owners to keep everything in one organized container. It features four sealable bowls (two built-in and two removable), two storage containers that hold up to 10 cups of food or 60 ounces of water, an elevated bowl stand, a built-in doggy bag dispenser, extra storage for wet food or treats, and a collar and leash set which doubles as a shoulder strap and handle.

My Pet Pail
Photo courtesy of My Pet Pail

My Pet Pail makes organization easy while traveling with pets. Available in multiple colors. MSRP: $39.99

Contact info: Rolane Grinnell,, 800-850-4993

Dogs love looking out the car window, but many little dogs are too short to see out. Now, small dogs can enjoy the view safely and comfortably. The new Lookout II Dog Car Seat with Storage Tray from Snoozer Pet Products is everything a dog could want in a car seat and more. The elevated height is ideal for dogs who get carsick or anxious, as seeing out the window can calm anxiety and reduce queasiness. Even dogs who dislike car travel can learn to love it once they have their own secure, Sherpa-lined spot to snooze. The Lookout II hooks into the seatbelt system to keep it in the backseat, while the internal strap connects to the dog’s harness to keep them safe inside the car seat. It comes with a convenient, built-in drawer to store pet travel essentials like doggy bags, treats and toys.

Snoozer Pet Products Lookout II Dog Car Seat with Storage Tray
Photo courtesy of Snoozer

Snoozer’s Lookout II Dog Car Seat with Storage Tray is available in four colors and three sizes. MSRP: $97.95-$148.95

Contact info: Destiny Page,, 800-635-9755

The Dog Shade Tent from ShadyPaws is the perfect way to keep dogs cool and protected from the elements while they spend time outdoors. It comes with ground spikes to hold the tent in place on any terrain. The spacious tent gives dogs their own comfy spot to relax, making them feel at home wherever they are. Weighing in at just one pound, it folds flat into a bag (included with each tent) for easy transport.

ShadyPaws Dog Shade Tent
Photo courtesy of ShadyPaws

The Dog Shade Tent from ShadyPaws keeps dogs protected from the sun while adventuring with their owners. Available in blue, red and camouflage. 58” x 27.5” x 30”. MSRP: $25.99

Contact info:, 949-287-3626

Travel Gear for Four-Legged Friends
Photo credit: Kerry Pittenger

Featured in our photo are My Pet Pail, BAYDOG’s Saranac Pack, Kurgo’s Loft Wander Dog Bed, and Heritage Travelware’s Kenneth Cole Pet Carrier.

Model: Marigold
Location: Sweet Water Acres in Fort Collins, CO
Special thanks to Sandy and Paul Hoffman

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