Products Equip Travelers for Pandemic-Shaped Travels

Trending news stories project the pandemic is shifting into endemic mode, but COVID remains very much a part of the travel conversation, and travelers continue to adjust their vacation plans and expectations.

In the age of COVID, booking the entire vacation home holds more appeal than a hotel room, camping feels safer than cruising, exploring the country seems a better choice than the city and the outdoors is a solid score over the indoors. “Domestic rediscovery” has become a buzzword as long weekends (and more of them), staycations and workcations remain strong.

Products that align with travelers’ goals of taking those much-longed-for trips — whatever shape they may take — are a win with road-ready adventurers.

National Parks are having a moment as more and more COVID-weary travelers seek wide open spaces to safely satisfy their wanderlust. Most famous among them is Yellowstone National Park, home of Old Faithful geyser and other geothermal features like waterfalls and hot springs, and running wild with bison, bighorn sheep, elk, grizzly bears, river otters, over 150 species of birds and more. Yellowstone, America’s first national park, marks its 150th anniversary on March 1, 2022.

National Parks are having a moment as more and more COVID-weary travelers
Photo courtesy of Xanterra Travel Collection


Ricardo Beverly Hills new Rodeo Drive Collection of softsided bags are ideal for weekends, workcations and a combination of both for travelers preferring to pack lighter rather than weighing themselves down with the multiple cases that longer, more extended trips require. But they still crave a touch of fashion extravagance.

“Inspired by automotive design, this collection represents a modernized evolution of a Ricardo Beverly Hills classic,” said Timm Fenton, vice president of design and development. “All of the styles in the collection integrate custom design detailing throughout and incorporate luxury level materials.”

Collection pieces offer a variety of amenities. The tech-friendly Weekender Carry-On Duffel, in black with crimson and tan interior, has generous packing capacity. In gorgeous midnight twill, the carry-on backpack has padded pouches for laptop and tablet plus a handle pass-through sleeve with a zip-closed bottom that can step in as an extra pocket. The spacious tote is an organizing dynamo, with dedicated quilted space for laptop and tablet and pockets for travel accessories.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive 2.0 Weekender Carry-on Duffel
Photos courtesy of Ricardo Beverly Hills

Pieces in Ricardo Beverly Hills’ new Rodeo Drive Collection of fashion-forward, water-resistant duffels, backpacks and totes are modern and versatile and perfect for both business and leisure travel — or a combination of the two. MSRP: $99/tote; $119.99/backpack; $139/duffle (pictured)

Contact info: Paul Sarazin,, 425-207-1930

The pandemic fueled an increase in wine and spirits sales, and trips to wine country — whether to California’s Napa Valley, North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley or viticulture regions in between — were given a boost. FlyWithWine is right there to help travelers make the most of their tasting journeys with its VinGardeValise Piccolo®, a sturdy case featuring an enhanced 100% proprietary compound material shell with closed-cell foam capable of carrying from five to 12 bottles of vino.

With its durable, ribbed design, easy-to-maneuver asymmetrical Hinomoto wheels and removable inserts that customize the case interior for accommodating wine bottles and wine accessories or personal clothing, laptop and other travel essentials, it is the perfect weekend case for a drive to wine country. For those oenophiles braving air travel, the case can be checked as a wine travel case and safely secured with its TSA-accepted flush-mounted and integrated lock.

FlyWithWine VinGardeValise Piccolo
Photo courtesy of FlyWithWine

FlyWithWine’s VinGardeValise Piccolo doubles as an anytime, anywhere airline carry-on piece of luggage or as a checked wine travel case to travel safely with up to five bottles of wine. MSRP: $249

Contact info: Ron Scharman (707) 320-0567

Out and About

As the pandemic drags on, more and more travelers are tapping into their inner outdoor enthusiasts and taking their thirst for adventure to state and national parks, RV parks, and campgrounds, beaches and mountains all over the country.

Outfitting travelers for the elements is Pang Wangle’s Essential Wrap, irresistible with its invitation for adventuring fashionistas to wrap themselves in a “protective sanctuary of soft texture” with built-in bug repellent Insect Shield® that is odorless, safe and effective.

“The six-foot-long wrap makes time spent outdoors more enjoyable by keeping bugs away,” said Pang Wangle Founder Jennifer John.

The wrap can be dressed up and down and styled in multiple ways, including draped across shoulders and around the waist sarong-style or covering head and neck. 

Pang Wangle Essential Wrap
Photos courtesy of Pang Wangle

Made in the USA of sustainable recycled cotton and high-performance TENCEL® derived from renewable eucalyptus trees, Pang Wangle’s Essential Wrap is moisture wicking, breathable, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. MSRP: $58

Contact info: Jennifer John,, 504-452-0788

Ms. Jetsetter has the perfect accessory to lighten up travels while keeping essentials close at hand with its new Ms. J Card Case & Wristlet Set.

“One thing I believe most people want and need is to minimize the amount of ‘stuff’ we carry around when we’re out and about,” said Tracey McGhee, the Ms. J of Ms. Jetsetter. “It helps to reduce stress when you know where everything is and you’re not fumbling around to find cash or your credit card.”

Measuring 8” x 5”, the wristlet features a detachable strap and Ms. Jetsetter’s signature quilted fabric; the 4” x 3” vegan leather credit card case offers three card slots, cash slot, ID window and coin purse. Perfect for transitioning from day hike to evening out, the stylish combo keeps travelers organized while on-the-go.

Ms. Jestter Ms. J Card Case & Wristlet Set
Photo courtesy of Ms. Jetsetter

The Ms. J Card Case & Wristlet Set by Ms. Jetsetter replaces bulky, oversized wallets with a stylish and streamlined organizing dynamo that is designed for long-lasting durability. MSRP: $20.99

Contact info: Tracey McGhee,, 708-945-3816

Self-Care in the Air, on the Ground

In an age that has normalized the phrase “social distancing” as part of the global vernacular, Betty and Bradley offers this: a “hug for the head.”

The Butterfly Hat™ is a sleek cocoon-shaped pouch that unzips into a one-size-fits-most beanie and eye mask that protects travelers’ heads from airplane seats in luxury comfort and style.

Manufactured in New York City and combining the elegance of Italy and the Big Apple, the hat is ideal for fashion-focused adventurers who seek chic and compact comfort during travels. It features a stylish and moldable eye mask to create the perfect ambience for quality rest.

“The Butterfly hat adds extra coverage from free radicals damage while traveling,” noted its creator, Lauren Lombardo, “and can be coordinated with any outfit, whether traveling for business or pleasure.”

Betty and Bradley Butterfly Hat
Photo courtesy of Betty and Bradley

Betty and Bradley’s Butterfly Hat, a sleek zipper pouch that opens into a one-size-fits-most beanie and eye mask, helps travelers look runway ready and lets them bring along the comfort of home, no matter where they’re flying. MSRP: $79.99

Contact info: Lauren Lombardo,, 646-637-3262

SeatDreamzzz has a new personal comfort item for travelers to help them get a good night’s sleep, whether enduring the dreaded red-eye flight or heading into the wilds on a camping jaunt. Meet the Pillow & Blanket Combo, a pouch that can be unpacked for snuggling beneath when used as a blanket or zipped up to provide maximum comfort when nodding into its cushiness as a pillow.

One side of the pillow/blanket features soft and cozy fleece for warmth; the other side is water-repellent so backpackers and campers can spread it on grass or ground without worry of moisture seeping through. The machine-washable pouch transforms easily from pillow to blanket with its high-quality zipper.

SeatDreamzzz Pillow & Blanket Combo
Photo courtesy of SeatDreamzzz

SeatDreamzzz’s compact and convenient Pillow & Blanket Combo proves effective in helping travelers get a good night’s sleep during a red-eye flight, while camping or during a stop-over. MSRP: $49.99

Contact info: Will Harlan,, 503-890-9390

Another travel pillow, the Headleveler, lets travelers bring customized creature comfort from home to hotel or flight. The family-run business, which has been crafting handmade, custom Ortho-Cerv Travel Pillows for the past 35 years, lets travelers tailor their 19” x 14” travel pillow by completing key information, such as their height, weight, width of shoulders, preferred pillow thickness, etc.

Pillows are hypoallergenic and machine-washable and filled with premium soft polyester fiber. Seven different thicknesses and support levels are available for people of all sizes.

Headleveler Ortho-Cerv Travel Pillow
Photo courtesy of Headleveler

Headleveler lets travelers pack their own custom and machine-washable Ortho-Cerv Travel Pillow on the road, an essential health precaution during a pandemic. MSRP: $95.95

Contact info: Desiree Robillard,, 800-668-8550

Personal Wellness on the Road

Germ awareness and how to prevent the spread of germs have become a primary focus during the pandemic. With its new Smooth Trip Key Caddy, Talus launches a timely item that lets travelers keep a travel-sized bottle of sanitizer with them at all times.

Made of stretch neoprene, the case holds a 1-oz bottle of sanitizer on one side and offers additional functionality with a pocket for cash and cards on the other. Available in black, fern and purple, it tucks easily into a pocket or small carry bag for instant germ-killing accessibility.

Another hygiene-savvy product from Talus is its Smooth Trip Travel & Sleeping Bag Liner that provides a protective layer between the body and the hotel/rental bed while sleeping. Its durable, washable fabric is naturally mold- and mildew-resistant and an integrated pocket holds a pillow in place. The liner folds down into a compact 3.5” x 9” travel bag for easy packing.

Talus Smooth Trip Key Caddy and Travel & Sleeping Bag Liner
Photos courtesy of Talus

TalusSmooth Trip Key Caddy is a compact case measuring 2.75” x 4.5” x .75” that features a curved card pocket and a dispenser bottle to hold a 1-oz bottle of hand sanitizer or lotion. MSRP: $7.99

Talus’ Smooth Trip Travel & Sleeping Bag Liner, in machine-washable, quick-dry polyester pongee, adds a protective layer between bed sheets and keeps camp bags clean. MSRP: $24.99

Contact info: Stuart Taylor,, 207-835-6913

As road trips continue to increase in frequency, more and more travelers are finding themselves in the back or passenger seats en route to their weekend getaways. And those given to motion sickness are seeking effective and drug-free solutions. Blisslets has a proven nausea remedy with its acupressure bracelets — and one that doesn’t have that conspicuous medical look but rather the discrete design of stylish jewelry.

Glimmering with golden Gilded Age good looks are the Sofia Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets. Super stretchy and soft for maximum comfort, the bracelets accessorize any outfit while offering natural relief in as little as five minutes. Plus, Blisslets’ breathable materials dry quickly after getting wet.

Blissets Sofia Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets
Photo courtesy of Blisslets

Blisslets’ gold Sofia Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets, available in small, medium and large, double the charm as accessories that provide fast nausea relief. They must be worn on both wrists for effective relief. MSRP: $29.99

Contact info: Katherine Aparicio,, 817-618-9775

Photo credit: Kerry Pittenger

Featured in our photos are Ricardo Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Weekender Carry-On Duffel, Ms. Jetsetter’s Ms. J Card Case & Wristlet Set, Betty and Bradley’s The Butterfly Hat.

Model: Lori Fountain, Ft. Collins, CO

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