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Posted on May 27, 2021

Sustainable. Antimicrobial. Anti-Theft.

Travelon Origin Collection
Timeless design and extraordinary regard for detail in a bag that’s good for all: It’s the Travelon Origin Collection.

Here it is: Bags that protect you, your gear, others and the planet. Meet Travelon’s new Origin, a collection of backpacks and bags that sport a timeless trekking style elevated with exceptional modern functionality. Constructed with certified recycled and antimicrobial fabric, the bags, including large and small backpack, daypack, hip pack and slim bag, are lightweight, sturdy and water- and stain-resistant, and have the look and feel of cotton canvas. Additionally, intelligent Antimicrobial by Silvadur™ of DuPont® is woven into ORIGIN fabrics to inhibit the growth of microbes. A patented 5-point anti-theft security system provides slash-resistance, locking compartments and straps to prevent pickpockets and opportunistic thefts, and the bags’ RFID blocks and protects identity on cards and passports stored within. MSRP: $100/large backpack; $80/daypack; $65/small backpack; $45/hip pack; $45/slim bag. For more information, visit Sales contact: David Lipsitz: 847-621-7018 or

Posted on May 19, 2021

Do the Two Step

Barefoot Scientist So Fresh So Clean
For naturally disinfecting, cleansing, even lightly hydrating feet on the go, it’s So Fresh So Clean.

Want perfectly cleansed and purified feet, anywhere and everywhere? Achieve it in two quick steps with So Fresh So Clean, the kit that comes in handy after you’ve tromped barefoot through other people’s foot grime at airport security, over the carpet of your hotel room or through the grass at a nearby park. From Barefoot Scientist, this instant refresh set includes Clean Slate™, a textured wipe with an infusion of soothing essential oils and deep moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil that gives feet an instant deep clean, and Twinkle Toes™, the ultimate odor-eliminating, bacteria-killing, foot-freshening super spray. The towelettes and spray eliminate 99.8% of odor-causing bacteria. MSRP: $25 kit (towelettes and spray); $10 (towelettes); . For more information, visit Sales contact:

Garment Saver FLIP POUCH
Garment Saver’s FLIP POUCH steps up as a DIY kit or mini carryall for any travel need.

Posted on May 17, 2021

Organized Packing Made Easy

Garment Saver launches its washable FLIP POUCH™ in new, summer-ready solid color combos, including orange/tan, pink/red and turquoise/yellow. The mini, machine-washable organizers, made in the USA of 100% cotton, are the perfect solution for a more hygienic and streamlined approach to packing. Based on the classic wallet design, with two inside pockets and easy elastic closure, the pouch measures 4” x 6” when closed – a perfect size for slipping neatly into suitcase, tote bag or backpack and roomy enough to store personal care essentials or hygiene products, tech items or even jewelry. MSRP: $18/set of two. For more information, visit Sales contact: Sheryll Fraze,

Posted on May 17, 2021

Compression for Healthy Legs and Feet

Vim & Vigr Compression Sleeve
Available in a wide variety of functional fabrics and fun prints, Vim & Vigr’s Compression Legwear Leg Sleeves prevent cramps and alleviate achiness.

The easiest way to get a head start on feeling good throughout your travels? Muscle fatigue-minimizing compression legwear, and Vim & Vigr® has a style, calf size and compression level for every traveler – men and women. A fun and therapeutic alternative to regular socks, Leg Sleeves are made with advanced gradient pressure knitting for support and to aid in muscle recovery, offering a moderate compression to re-energize and support your legs. In warmer months, nylon compression sleeves are ideal: Easy on/off, no one will even know, but your legs will get the benefit of increased blood flow and oxygen delivery and decreased swelling and lactic acid. (And yes, they can be worn with sandals.) Compression Legwear is also available in wool, cotton and moisture-wick nylon. MSRP: $32. For more information, visit Sales contact: Kristi Huber,

Posted on May 3, 2021

Sprays for Healthy Nose and Mouth

Parnell Pharmaceuticals
Parnell’s saline nasal sprays and mouth sprays provide another layer of protection against COVID-19.

Parnell Pharmaceuticals launches Mouth Kote®-MD Mouth Spray and Pretz-MD®/ Novomid™ Nasal Spray, both providing a layer of comfort for traveling in a time of COVID.

Based upon a substance licensed by Parnell from New Mexico Tech University to treat many drug-resistant bacteria and fungi such as MRSA and Candida, the nasal spray not only keeps the nose healthy – protecting against nasal dryness, lack of humidity and infections – it is showing great promise against the coronavirus, providing an extra layer of antiseptic protection which is so helpful especially for those who travel frequently.

Mouth Kote-MD Mouth Spray, with patented MycoDelens and Natural Yerba Santa, has been shown with in vitro laboratory testing to be an effective antiseptic against antimicrobial-resistant pathogens, including bacteria, fungi and coronaviruses such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is an excellent pre-rinse before dental exams and helps restore enamel and prevent cavities. MSRP: $29.99/mouth spray; $24.95/nasal spray. For more information about the sprays, visit Sales contact: Francis W. Parnell –, 800-45-PHARM (800-457-4276).

Posted on May 3, 2021

Sandy Bumz
Sandy Bumz is perfect for the beach, the park, picnics – anywhere users want to sit in comfort in the outdoors.

Leave the Beach Where it Belongs

Sandy Bumz, a small, compact and lightweight outdoor ground cover, is a beachgoer’s new bestie. Easy to carry and a snap to put together and take apart, the water-resistant cover keeps valuables (and people) dry, clean and sand-free and keeps pests at bay. It comes in its own zippered carrying case and is available in two colors – solid blue and blue and white stripes. MSRP: $29. For more information, visit Sales contact: Phillip Sugarman –, 818-391-8446.

Company News

Posted on  May 21, 2021

Go Travel Now an Immersive Front-of-store Experience

Go Travel Now an Immersive Front-of-store Experience
Remaining true to Go Travel’s fundamental approach to drive maximum revenue from minimum floor space, the Quad is now at the front of all InMotion stores.

Following the expansion of its North American presence in all 117 InMotion travel retail stores, UK-based Go Travel has achieved another milestone: securing front-of-store point-of-sale installations.

InMotion is the first retailer to roll out Go Travel’s new Quad stand, alongside a dedicated stand for the brand’s latest memory foam pillow, the American Dreamer, and accompanying video content on large-format digital screens at the front of the store.

The new, easy-to-navigate stands and prime positioning present a much greater opportunity to increase footfall and boost conversion. With a footprint of just under 4.5-square-feet and offering 360o visibility, the 4-sided Quad holds 40 product types on two facings with another two facings dedicated to large-capacity pillow stock holding. The combination of new stands and premium animation content offers the immersive front-of-store experience for which InMotion is renowned. For more information, visit or contact

Posted on  May 10, 2021

Travel Pillow Scores Media Attention

Cabeau Evolution S3
Say goodbye to neck pain and fall asleep and stay asleep with Cabeau’s Evolution S3 Neck Pillow featuring a patented Seat Strap System.

Cabeau’s Evolution S3® Neck Pillow received lots of media love recently after receiving top recognition in an April 29, 2021 CNN Underscored feature article that reviewed travel pillows. The CNN feed was subsequently picked up by other media, further spreading the word about Cabeau’s neck pillow with an innovative Seat Strap System to eliminate head drop, neck strain and the instinctive “whiplash” response to reopen obstructed airways. In its roundup featuring 10 of the most popular and highest-rated travel pillows on the market, CNN Underscored ranked the Evolution S3 as the best travel pillow overall, noting that the pillow’s “memory foam manages to be soft, springy and supportive all at once; it’s firm enough that it kept our head from slouching too far to the side but not so firm that it dug into our cheeks and ears.” See additional features of this travel pillow here. For more information, visit


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