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Luggage Company Appoints President

Jon Davies
Jon Davies

United States Luggage Company announces the appointment of Jon Davies as president. In this role, Davies will now be responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of the company’s two distinct brands – Solo and Briggs & Riley – while working closely with CEO Richard Krulik to pursue and develop overall strategy and identify new opportunities in the evolving retail landscape. Davies will also continue his work to elevate the identities of each brand, while increasing the collaboration between Solo and Briggs & Riley to enhance organizational efficiencies.

Davies joined United States Luggage in 2001 and has held various executive positions within the company, including chief operating officer and president of Solo.

“As President of the Solo division for the last 10 years, Jon has elevated the brand and has grown the business tremendously,” said Krulik. “He’s a trusted and proven leader and I look forward to him achieving great success leading Briggs & Riley as well.”


Gruv Gear KarbonZero
Gruv Gear’s KarbonZero Mask is designed to help protect users during travel or in public places, especially during the COVID pandemic.

Five-Layer Mask Protection

The KarbonZero mask is the first model in Gruv Gear’s new Karbon Series Face Mask line. Breathable and multi-layered, the lightweight reusable mask has a thoughtful, stylish and luxurious design that is compatible with optional, disposable PM2.5 activated carbon filters. The 5-layer antibacterial filters are designed to block droplets, pollen and pollution. The masks come with a pinch-seal nose bridge and easy-to-adjust straps for a custom comfort fit. Finished to complement the Gruv Gear “stealth” range of triple-black products, the new masks feature satin-brushed side panels with an air mesh ventilated center panel for comfort. The hand-washable mask can be purchased with or without a pack of 10 filters. MSRP: $35. Learn more about the mask at

No More Fumbling for PPE

The Travelpro® Essentials™ On-the-Go PPE Convenience Pack stores all personal protection items neatly and conveniently, keeping travelers safe and organized without slowing them down. Constructed for lasting durability with microfiber polyester that resists abrasion, this ultra-convenient carry-all is specially designed to hold face masks, gloves, wipes, sanitizer and more.

Wipes fit neatly in the water-resistant front compartment and dispense from the quick-access center zipper. A rear compartment offers two elasticized pockets for easy storage of gloves and masks, along with a zip pocket that can be used to stash keys, money or other necessities. The refillable 3.4-oz, TSA-compliant bottle is perfect for sanitizer and tucks neatly into a detachable bottle case. With an adjustable and removable strap, the pack can be carried over the shoulder, as a crossbody or even as a waist bag. MSRP: $29.99. For more information, visit

Patent-pending Design Creates Crucial Barrier

Travelers come in contact with many public seats – on airplanes, in rental cars and beyond – and all may have harmful viruses, bacteria and allergens that can make a person sick. Enter Assuage seat protectors, a product line designed to put a barrier between users and the germs, bacteria, viruses and ick on public seats.
The single-use Recyclable Seat Protector (MSRP: $12.95/pack of two) is ideal for those who may not travel frequently or won’t be able to launder the seat protector before their return flight. Both the protector and its packaging can be dropped into a recycling bin. The Recyclable comes in a resealable package to keep the second seat cover clean, sets up in seconds and is soft to the touch.

The reusable easy-care and machine-washable Ultra Cozy ($24.95) in soft, breathable fleece rolls up neatly into its versatile, reusable carrying bag. It comes in blue skies, jet black and sakura blossom pink. Both are lightweight and convenient to carry and fit most seats.

To learn more about the seat protectors, visit You can watch a video demonstration on YouTube.

HEX Anti-Microbial Technical Messenger
HEX brings cleaner bags with its Anti-Microbial Technical Messenger.

Anti-microbial Technology is in the Bag

HEX Anti-Microbial Technical bags are built to actively repel and resist up to 99% of harmful bacteria, mold and fungus. Comprising a Technical Backpack, Technical Messenger and Daily Duffel Bag, the new collection features technology that targets harmful microbes by altering their ability to convert nutrients into energy, inhibiting microbial survival and reproduction. The bags are made with super heavy-duty materials and are padded, protected and proportioned as well as sized to function perfectly for all carry and travel needs. MSRP: $149.95 (each model). For more information and to see individual bag features, visit

Talus High Road Southwest Trunk and Cargo Cooler Bag
The fully lined High Road Southwest features a removable insert to add bottom stability.

Soft Tote Travels to Picnics, Gatherings

Utility pairs with artistry with Talus’ High Road Southwest Trunk and Cargo Cooler Bag. The richly patterned, easy-carry insulted soft tote offers a 5.5-gallon capacity and leak-resistant liner to keep chilled groceries, foods and beverages hot or cold for hours. A side mesh pocket neatly holds sanitizer, wipes and picnic supplies and the bottom grip strips prevent slipping and tipping. Made of heavy-duty 600D polyester, the bag has durable, reinforced carry straps with a hook-and-loop cushioned handle and dual zipper pulls for easy opening from any side. The tote can be spot cleaned. MSRP: $24.99. For more information, visit

Apparel with Insect Protection, Plus

Pang Wangle Featherlight Infinity Scarf with Insect Shield®
Wearers can’t tell the Insect Shield® technology is there in Pang Wangle’s Featherlight Infinity Scarf, but bugs can.

Pang Wangle introduces two new clothing items with Insect Shield® technology that repels insects, including those that can carry Zika virus, Lyme disease, West Nile virus, malaria and other insect-borne diseases. The figure flattering Optimist Pants with Insect Shield® Bug Repellent (MSRP: $64) are designed for outdoor fun and feature a waistband pocket for money, ID and key. Ninety percent certified organic cotton and 10% spandex, the versatile style is ideal for yoga, trail running, hiking, horseback riding, gardening, tropical vacations, bird watching and picnics. 

The Featherlight Infinity Scarf with Insect Shield® ($48) can be worn single- or double-looped, draped over the shoulders to cover arms or as a hood. Made of all-natural fibers in a luxurious modal/silk blend fabric, the scarf is durable, stretchy and elegant, and so light that it won’t weigh the wearer down, even in the hottest climates. Measuring 29” from the bottom to the top hem and 26” along the hem when folded in half, the fabric is odorless and the Safe Insect Shield® lasts 70-plus washes. Both items are made in the USA and feature moisture-wicking and breathable fabric.

Dr. Green Antimicrobial Fashion Face Masks from Olympia International
Olympia International’s Dr. Green Antimicrobial Fashion Face Masks are a fashion accessory for the times.

A Product to Protect the Public

Olympia International’s newly sourced Dr. Green Antimicrobial Fashion Face Masks with 3-layer protection are tested and proven to eliminate more than 99% of bacteria and/or viruses within two hours, thanks to the silver-ion nanotechnology in the fabric. Made in Korea, the masks are reusable/washable (tested to keep the 99%-plus effectiveness even after 52 washes), making them extremely cost effective compared to disposable surgical masks. Featuring UV and UPF 50+ protection, the fabric reduces unpleasant odors and stains while offering comfortable breathability – even while exercising. They are available in 18 different fashionable prints/colors. MSRP: $29.99. For more information, visit

Portable Sanitization

Raycop GO
The Raycop GO is designed to enhance safety during and after the COVID pandemic with effective UVC light technology and HEPA filtration.

Raycop GO is the industry’s first ultra-portable vacuum that uses UVC light to eradicate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use, the cordless device is ideal for travel and office use. It is simple to assemble and disassemble with snap-in sections for portability and can sanitize everything from cell phones to luggage, bedding and hard surfaces.

“All Raycop products incorporate our signature safe UVC sanitization feature,” said Dr. Michael Lee, founder, Raycop North America. “Now more than ever, it’s vital to keep our travel and living spaces healthy and safe.”

The sleekly designed vacuum uses the same UVC technology that hospitals do and features a filtration system, including the HEPA filter, that is washable. It comes with a storage case. MSRP: $149. To learn more, visit

Company News

Travel Goods Expert Helps Travelers Navigate a COVID World
Airline International Luggage, Pens & Gifts is doing what it can to make even the most risk-averse comfortable stepping outside their COVID bubbles.

Family-owned and National Luggage Dealers Association member Airline International Luggage, Pens & Gifts has implemented a 3-prong approach to dealing with the challenges of a pandemic. The El Paso, Texas-based travel store maintains an online presence, has adopted safety measures so people feel comfortable venturing inside the shop and offers products designed with the germophobe in mind.

“I feel there is a pent-up desire that is building in all of us, and we are anxious to travel, take vacations and visit destinations that we miss or have never seen,” said Jerry Kallman, who co-owns the store with Edward and Rebecca Kallman.

On that note, the company has introduced a new collection of safety items that helps guard against exposure to germs and viruses, including Zootility’s Careful Key Grip in brass, which eliminates the need to touch public door handles and elevator buttons; the bestselling HandiGuru Refillable Wristband that dispenses hand sanitizer; Trip Wipes Sanitizing Wipes; and the NeetPac Hygiene Air Travel Kit.

From the Fesco Group, the shop stocks First Health Collapsible UV Rechargeable Wand, First Health Smart Phone UV-C Sanitation; and ATOMxs Emergency Portable Battery for smartphones. The collection also includes the AirTamer Travel Air Purifier from Headwaters, Inc. and Travelon’s Clean Portable UV-C Sanitizer Box for smartphones, face masks, watches and other high-exposure gear. The products range in price from $11.47 to $79.99. For more information, visit

Contactless Luggage, Handbag, Accessory and Garment Repair

Modern Leather Goods
Wanting customers to feel safe while still being able to access its service, Modern Leather Goods has created a video chat feature on its website.

Modern Leather Goods, a New York-based fine leather refinisher and repair center, has created a COVID-friendly website offering video chat. The company is authorized with almost every major luggage brand and most handbag, shoe and clothing companies.

“This feature allows stores and retail customers to show us their repairs and we can determine whether it is warrantied or not,” said President/CEO Tony Pecorella. “If not, we are able to give them a real-time exact cost of repair.”

The service, found by clicking the “Let’s Talk” button on the lower right corner of the website, saves customers from sending in items that are not covered by warranty for repairs for which they may not want to pay. Customers can not only browse the website and chat as well as video chat with staff, but they can do so from the comfort and safety of their home. For more information, visit


In Memoriam: Jean Mori and Betty Mori

Industry Veterans, Couple Pass Within Days of Each Other

Jean Mori and Betty Mori    Jean Mori and Betty Mori

Jean Albert Mori passed away on Dec. 1, 2020. His wife, Elizabeth (Betty) Nunn Mori, passed away on Dec. 4, 2020. The couple, who lived in Atlanta, GA, were partners and founders of Mori Luggage & Gifts, which they opened in 1971.

The retail specialty company grew to 32 stores in six southern states, employing more than 200 people through its 46 years of operation. Jean was an inspirational leader who was well liked and respected by all; Betty served as vice president and merchandise buyer until her retirement in 2007.

Born Dec. 6, 1936, Jean attended Georgia Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1958. Betty was born on Oct. 28, 1936, and attended Wesleyan College for two years and then Emory University, where she graduated in 1958 with a B.A. in English. Following graduation, the couple married and had a wonderful, 62-year marriage and true partnership.

Both were active in many organizations. Betty was a trustee of Wesleyan College, where she chaired several committees and served on a presidential search committee. She also served on numerous boards, including the Georgia Conservancy and the Ethics Board of Emory University. In 2008, Betty was awarded the Wesleyan Distinguished Alumna Award by the Wesleyan Alumni Association.

Jean was president of the National Luggage Dealers Association and Atlanta Kiwanis Club and also served on numerous boards, including Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and the Travel Goods Association. In 1996, he received the Georgia Tech College of Engineering Distinguished Achievement Award, and in 2008 he was inducted into the Engineering Hall of Fame at Georgia Tech. Jean received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Travel Goods Association in 2014.

The couple is survived by their children, Liz Mori Lauer (Peter); John Mori (Anne); and George Mori (Katie); and eight grandchildren.

A virtual service celebrating the lives of Jean and Betty is planned for 11:00 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020. Friends and family may join the service at

You can learn more about Jean Mori and Betty Mori’s rich lives in their obituaries:



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