Editor’s Note

The Time is Now

It’s the dawn of a new age: Welcome to the freshly minted, all-digital Travel Goods Showcase.

This change was inevitable, but in truth, it wasn’t slated to come quite this soon.

Under normal circumstances, we rush this Post-Show issue to press to deliver the season’s trends and news with all possible speed. But with the disruption of COVID-19, it didn’t feel right to have info about new-for-2020 items landing in mailboxes as stores were forced to close and supply chains experienced a global interruption of historic proportions. So we held off printing, and decided to move forward with digital so we could respond faster once things started moving again.

It’s almost impossible to fathom the disruption to our industry – much less the world – since the beginning of March, when we all gathered in New Orleans for The Travel Goods Show. All of us have had to change and adapt over the ensuing months, in business and in our personal lives.

One terrific example: I love that we were able to shoot the “cover” of this first digital issue while enforcing shelter-in-place and social distancing guidelines with members of my immediate family, which is a good thing because that’s the only choice we had since non-essential travel was discouraged and modeling agencies were closed for business.

It’s not at all how we would have done it under normal circumstances, but I think the results are terrific. We made do, and came away with a near-perfect solution. Which is, in many respects, the new normal – making do with what’s at hand, as we collectively take tiny, ever-larger steps toward something more like what we had before.

Here’s what I’ve learned since we were in New Orleans: You have to adapt to keep pace, or be left behind. And we have to do it together. Which is why you’re not reading this Editor’s Note as printed text, but electronic digits transposed into words on a screen.

Going digital means the industry’s best info source is now even better, appearing on your screen – which accompanies you everywhere – instead of your physical mailbox. You’ll be better informed, with more timely delivery and newsworthiness. Easier-to-access archives. And better storytelling and product showcasing with digital presentation, free from the limitations of the printed page.

An electronic Travel Goods Showcase was something we’ve been inching steadily toward in the face of rising postal fees, paper and printing costs. In actuality, this was in the cards a little further down the road. But given the quickly shifting landscape, it’s the right move, right now.

You’ll find a lot of the same features and departments as before, and Showcase will continue to evolve as we grow into this new format. As always, I welcome your suggestions and input for the magazine, and for the Association, as we grow and move forward. Together.

Homepage photo credit
Photographer: Kerry Pittenger
Model: Kelly Pittenger
Special thanks to the Scheier Family for letting us borrow your beautiful backyard (and precious pup Georgio)!

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