Travel Goods Association

The Travel Goods Association is the international organization for the travel goods industry. Members include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, promoters, sales representatives and suppliers of luggage and travel products, casual bags, briefcases, computer bags, and business and travel accessories for travelers.

TGA publishes Travel Goods Magazine, the largest trade magazine devoted to travel products. The magazine’s 14,500 readers include retailers, consumer press and trade media.

TGA also produces The Travel Goods Show, the world’s largest trade event for travel products. With hundreds of brands representing thousands of products, The Show is the annual must-see event that sets the tone for the travel goods industry.


The Travel Goods Association is more than a trade organization – we’re your business partner. We keep you plugged in to the news that impacts your business. We’re your voice in the press, and your ambassador in Washington, DC. There’s a lot to be gained from your TGA membership.

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Sales Representative Membership Application

An independent business comprised of sales, marketing and customer service professionals representing a variety of brands of travel products and accessories.

Manufacturer Membership Application

A manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler of travel products and accessories.

Retailer Membership Application

A business or person that purchases travel products and accessories from multiple manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers and sells directly to the consumer.

Affiliate Membership Application

A business that provides products and services to the industry, without having a line of travel products to sell.

Top Three TGA Member Benefits


Receive and exchange information, network, and get the info you need to make smart business decisions that make a difference to your bottom line.


TGA works tirelessly to promote your industry. Almost every media story about the travel goods industry began with a TGA-generated press release, media advisory, or information gleaned from TGA publications. Over 190 million consumer placements had their genesis with TGA. We put the word out!


TGA gives the travel goods industry a voice and political clout. TGA continues to influence U.S. and international trade policy in Washington, DC and keeps you abreast of the latest legislative issues affecting your business.

The TGA Membership Advantage

TGA membership is a business advantage you can’t afford to be without. Learn how TGA goes to work for you:

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