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Luggage Leash

mp_luggage-leashCycle Leash, the first software “solution” in the Leash It group, was created as an early warning system to alert bicycle owners know if someone was trying to steal
their bike. Once launched, a number of different uses for Cycle Leash’s technology were realized, including solutions for luggage, pets, kids and motor vehicles – all available now on its app, via the App Store and Google Play. Installing the Leash It App on your mobile phone makes you part of a community that can assist in tracking lost or stolen items.

“From Pet lovers to frequent travelers to parents there is a way now for Leash It to help you find your possessions across the globe,” states Tony Lotzof. “There is also an SOS feature within the app that sends out an SOS with your location to the community should you be in an accident or are lost and need assistance.”

The Leash It App works by constantly searching for unique Leashes, and if one comes in the vicinity of a user, it automatically checks to see if it has been reported lost or stolen, and if so, sends a notification to the owner letting them know the last known location. You can also set a perimeter around you and the item and it will sound an alarm on your phone if it leaves that perimeter. Conversely, the app can alert you when you approach your luggage, which can be helpful at baggage carousels and cruise ship luggage claim areas.

For more information, visit or contact Tony Lotzof at +61390010606;