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“We are an old fashioned luggage and leather goods store that offers the highest quality products and services. We simply cater to our customers. The word ‘no’ is not in our vocabulary,” says Elliott Saks, owner of Manhattan-based Lexington Luggage. Since 1978, the family-owned business has been selling all major brands of luggage, attachés, business and computer cases, writing instruments, personal leather goods and gifts. The retailer also offers its customers a complete repair department.

Saks considers Lexington Luggage’s knowledgeable salespeople, customer service commitment and low everyday prices to be the keys to the store’s uniqueness and success. “It’s not unusual for a customer to approach me just to say what a refreshing experience it was to purchase a product from one of our salespeople because he or she explained it so well and had such a vast knowledge of the merchandise. It’s very satisfying to know that we made that sale because of our knowledge — not just because of our everyday low prices.”

For more information, log on to www.lexingtonluggage.com or contact Elliot Saks at 212-223-0698; sales@lexingtonluggage.com.