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tgamp-lci-brandsLCI Brands is located just outside Chicago and is home to brands such as Lewis N. Clark® and UrbanGear™. With the luggage caddy as their core offering, LCI Brands began operations in 1971, and since then has expanded to offer hundreds of products in categories such as security, comfort, organization, and health. They also distribute products for their partners, such as humangear and Pomchies, seeking to make their portfolio one of the most diverse on the market.

“With our partners’ help, LCI Brands has been a pioneer in the travel and outdoor industries for over 25 years,” states Ashley Atkinson-Leon. “Our capabilities in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management allow us to partner with companies large and small, and that fact, along with the brand strength of Lewis N. Clark, has resulted in one of the largest assortments of travel and outdoors goods on the market.”

LCI Brands seeks to provide travel and outdoor gear for every kind of traveler and outdoor enthusiast. They offer hundreds of items, including collections of duffels and bags, comfort accessories such as neck pillows and eye masks, security products like locks and RFID wallets, outdoor gear such as umbrellas and dry bags, luggage accessories like carts and scales, and much more. In addition, LCI Brands offers speed to market through vertically-integrated product design, sourcing, and distribution, and their on-site warehouse provides them with the opportunity to pick and pack as few as one item to send to their retailers.

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