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mp_inusaThe goal at InUSA® Luggage is to maximize the joy of the travel experience by offering long-lasting, beautiful travel products at affordable prices. Utilizing its 30 years of experience in the luggage industry, InUSA’s owners decided to offer a product with imported components but assembled in the USA to differentiate them from other brands and to bring back manufacturing jobs to the United States.

“InUSA Luggage is light, practical and functional,” states Miguel Bentolila. “We offer collections assembled with pride and care in the USA and all of our components and final products have been tested and inspected to assure the satisfaction of our end customers.”

InUSA is a premium luggage line that satisfies every aspect of the traveling experience. The company strives to offer a combination of price, quality and service that exceeds the expectations of consumers, backing up all of their products with a 10-year warranty.

For more information, visit or contact Miguel Bentolila at 786-451-5227;