Travelon Donates Stock of Face Masks and Protective Gear to First Responders

On May 4, 2020, the Franklin Park, IL Fire Department received a donation of protective health equipment including masks, latex gloves and sanitizer wipes from local travel goods manufacturer Travelon. The donation was made to Fire Chief William Brehm and station firefighters at the Franklin Park Station 2 and was distributed among the Franklin Park fire stations. This donation will help the firefighters, who are front-line emergency workers, battle everything from ambulance calls, fires, hazardous materials spills, and now the COVID-19 virus.

Fire Chief Brehm, on behalf of all of Franklin Park Fire Department First Responders, thanked Travelon for responding to this critical need for PPE supplies. Travelon is proud of their dedicated volunteers who stepped in to support their customers with essential businesses. The company looks forward to re-opening so that the entire team at Travelon can continue the tradition of supporting all of their customers.