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TGA Industry News Briefs provides up-to-date information on regulatory issues affecting travel goods professionals, as well as relevant business news and updates on numerous association activities. The newsletter is sent every Thursday.

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TGA Industry News Briefs is delivered to over 12,000 travel goods professionals. For more information on how your company can reach these individuals through TGA Industry News Briefs, contact Kimberly Field at 877-842-1938, x-701; Click here for Ad Specs + Pricing.

What is Industry News Briefs?
Industry News Briefs is an email newsletter which provides up-to-date information on regulatory issues affecting travel goods professionals and the numerous activities going on with TGA. The newsletter is sent out every Thursday.

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Subscription to TGA Industry News Briefs is completely free!

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Everyone in your company should sign up. We feel that TGA Industry News Briefs will provide valuable information to all levels of staff and management within your organization.

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