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Two years ago, Simon and Philippe Dallaire’s father returned from a trip with the observation, “I was on the plane, I was looking around and everyone seemed to have the same problem, finding a comfortable position to sleep: Why don’t you try to solve this problem?” It was like throwing a gauntlet before the two entrepreneurial brothers.

“The typical u-shape pillow is supposed to give support to the head to help you sleep, but as soon as you fall asleep, you wake up because of the head falling down. It’s really not ideal,” says Simon Dallaire. The brothers’ solution: a taller-than-usual design that provides 360° of support, and also helps block ambient noise.

Igloo the Ultimate Travel Pillow Set is a four-part solution:

  • Tall, uniquely shaped memory foam pillow with 360° of head support and noise reduction.
  • Lumbar cushion that can also be used to enlarge the armrest area.
  • An eye-mask and earplugs.
  • Compression bag for compact carry of both the pillow and cushion.
  • Carry-on bag that can carry a tablet, books and more.

“The problem of finding a comfortable position for your arms is now over, and the lumbar cushion provides the ultimate resting position. It is truly the best of both worlds between comfort and space,” states Simon. And thanks to the flexibility of the memory foam, everything is transportable in a small compression bag that can be easily attached to a suitcase.

For more information, visit igloo4travel.com or contact Simon Dallaire at info@igloo4travel.com; 819-668-9538.