Editor’s Note

WINTER 2019 | VOL. 44 NO. 4

Behold the Future

This issue of Travel Goods Showcase might have a leisure travel theme, but as I read through the manuscripts the thing that jumped out at me was how most of the content wasn’t really about vacation travel products, but about the future.

Sara Ecclesine’s feature about innovation in travel goods retail is probably the most obvious, as she delves into ways brick-and-mortar independents can tap into the shop online/pick up in store economy, build online presence and draw customers – without being particularly internet adept. And her exploration of where new product trends come from is a far cry from how it used to be, when Bernard Sadow’s aching arms made him wish for a wheeled suitcase, and inspired him to build it. Now customer reviews, deep analytics and technology developments drive product innovation as much as an inventor’s personal experience.

Contemporary luggage and accessories continue to morph and change as designers struggle to predict what future travelers will want, and try to accommodate those needs, as seen in this issue’s photo features.

Even our regular departments, like Travel Bits and Industry Buzz, that appear every issue, are really an attempt to trace the path of today’s trends into tomorrow, and how we might anticipate what’s to come.

Knowing what’s ahead is invaluable for any industry, and because our products exist within the intersections of dozens of categories – business, campus life, travel of all sorts, lifestyles and fashion, just to name a few – it’s vital to our business to know what lies ahead, which brings me to The Travel Goods Show.

The Internet has taken the place of many things – encyclopedias and phone books, for instance. And while it’s a terrific way to experience the world vicariously it can’t take the place of a trade show for predicting the future. Or for having a positive impact on your business.

Being at The Show puts you in direct, physical contact with the products and people that power your business. Looking at The Show as an experience is the only way to see all the year’s new travel items in totality. It’s the only valid forecaster for the future. And this makes The Show irreplaceable.

New Orleans is one of the great destination cities, and if you’ve never been, The Show is the industry’s best crystal ball and your perfect excuse to attend.

Come join us!