Editor’s Note

SPRING 2020 | VOL. 45 NO. 1

Mindful Engagement

I did something recently, something that I haven’t done since I can’t remember when: I went to the movies. And I was blown away, not by a big Hollywood blockbuster, but by the tender storytelling of “Little Women.”

I was captivated, enthralled. When the lights came on I actually missed being with the March sisters.

I love movies and reading (as a child I wanted to be a librarian, a keeper of stories). But with online streaming and a huge TV it’s so much easier to plop down on the couch without getting dressed to go out, driving to the theater, parking…who has the time?

Going to the movies is a mindful experience. At home, my scant TV time is split with the phone or iPad. The colossal theater screen and bigger-than-life sound are immersive, and the cinema feels more realistic to me because it’s a distraction-free zone.

When my daughter Kelly asked me about the movie, I wished she’d been with me to share the experience. Describing it felt woefully inadequate, and waiting for her to see it at home wouldn’t provide the feel of living amongst the March sisters.

Which reminded me of The Travel Goods Show. With dozens of media reporters on hand, plus hundreds of snippets broadcast on social media by professional travel bloggers and industry insiders, you could convince yourself there’s no need to attend. You’d have to actually pack, travel…who has the time?

But there is no substitute for mindful engagement and immersive experience. The Show is the single best way to gauge the industry’s mood, to see where things are headed, to figure out who deserves your attention because they’re leading the way.

We do an incredible job of capturing The Show – as a preview in these pages, and with informed analysis and comprehensive coverage next issue – but it isn’t the same.

We travel for first-hand experience. We need to feel what it’s like to zip-line through a rainforest canopy, not just have it described, or view it on YouTube. And that’s why going to The Show is vital, to experience first-hand and decide for yourself what deserves your attention, instead of having it dictated to you by the small screen, where you’ve ceded control and someone else literally directs your focus.

There is no substitute for being at The Show, and being present. It’s the only way, in this industry, to make truly informed business decisions. It’s what your business deserves. And you owe it to yourself to be there.

I hope to see you at The Show. It’s an experience that deserves to be shared.