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The Humble Backpack: No Longer Just a Tasty Spice in the Luggage Stew
The rise of the backpack has been nothing short of meteoric. Between 2005 and 2019 the backpack category saw a whopping 245% increase in annual sales, from barely $1 billion to just over $4 billion. To put this into perspective, the second highest gain over this period was luggage at just 74%. The humble backpack shot from the fifth to the third most-popular category of luggage. As a percentage of luggage sales, backpacks have grown 100%, from 6% to more than 12.5%. This feature story approaches the backpack from all angles – sports, kids, style, gear-specific backpacks, and more. They’re not just for the classroom anymore, and the stats prove it.

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Since the last Buzz update – new product introductions from Pacsafe, Parnell Pharmaceuticals, Sandy Bumz – exciting company news from Cabeau, Ms. Jetsetter, YKK, YaY Novelty, and SpectraSpray – and Go Travel celebrates a milestone.

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