Garment Bag Set

Style #104
The Garment Bag Set is the stylish way to protect clothing and accessories from hazards like snags, pests, mildew, and fading. The bags are versatile enough to safely organize a complete ensemble for hand-carrying travel needs (event location dressing, car trips, etc.) and to be used for long-term storage needs at home. Designed in our premium 100% Naturally Cotton™ fabric. Made in the USA. The sets are available in 10 colors. Sold in packs of 6 per color.


  • Garment Bag — Available in 40” length (for cocktail dresses, jackets, etc.) or 60” length (for floor-length dresses, coats, etc.) with zippered pocket for small accessories.
  • Shoe Bag — Roomy enough to easily fit coordinating shoes. 12” x 12”
  • Large FLIP POUCH™ — Perfect for jewelry and other small items. It has 2 inside pockets and easy elastic closure. 8” x 6” open