Essentials Bag Set

Style #100
Traveling streamlined and having what you need within easy reach is important for travelers today. The Essentials Bag Set™ is a great solution, whether it’s for a trip around town or across the country. Designed in 100% cotton canvas. The set includes:

  • Mini Cross Body – A stylish, small bag that holds must-haves such as cellphone, keys, passport and more. The back pocket can conveniently carry hygienic items such as a mask or sanitizer. Approximately 7″ x 7″. Zippered closure.
  • Flip Pouch™ – A sleek, coordinating holder for ID and credit cards.
  • Launder-It™ – A knit, mesh bag that makes it easy to safely machine-wash both the cross-body and pouch, for sanitizing needs or if stained.

Made in USA