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Style #Alpine Gray Introducing RestAngles, the ultimate portable ergonomics tool and travel footrest. This patented, adjustable platform is perfect for improving comfort and posture when sitting at home, at work, and especially traveling on the go, go, go. Have legs that dangle? Try RestAngles! Weighing only 12-5/8 ounces, RestAngles is lightweight and easy to take with you. It features five different configurations to choose from including a 4" platform, 7" open side, two wedge choices and flat (10” x 7” x 13/16”) for portability. RestAngles’ clever one-piece design uses living hinges to create solid support for feet while also providing built-in dynamic movement/flexibility allowing you to find the perfect position for your changing comfort needs. RestAngles fosters a more ergonomic and comfortable position for your lower back, hips, and lower extremities anywhere you wish to sit. Long haul flight across the ocean anyone? RestAngles can help. Made from durable polypropylene plastic in Alpine Gray with an anti-static additive, this footrest is equipped with four non-slip silicone rubber feet to ensure stability while in use. The free-standing design allows you to use it on any flat surface. RestAngles is super easy to clean with soap and water. RestAngles’ retail packaging is created with eco-friendly materials and includes a zippered crossbody tote bag made from recycled plastic (rPET) in a white and blue green color combination (aka Meltwater) for easy transport. (These retail packaging items are in sample stage and will be a part of the RestAngles product beginning in April 2023.) RestAngles is ideal for travelers, office workers, or anyone who wants to improve their posture and comfort while sitting. Experience comfortable sitting by using RestAngles, it brings the floor to your feet!

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This video explains one reason for the “dangling legs” felt by the many people who feel pain in their lower back, hips, and lower extremities while sitting. RestAngles is a cleverly designed, extremely portable foot rest that brings the floor to your feet. RestAngles will be YOUR new favorite travel gadget accessory for the airplane, train, bus, or as a passenger in your car. RestAngles is a really cool ergonomics tool for use under your desk, in the classroom, at the movie theater, or eating out. Use it anywhere and everywhere!

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