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Incredi-belt™ Lumbar Support

Style #BELT3617
Dynamic support designed to fit you and move with you. Incredi-belt™ provides targeted support to improve posture and help reduce lower back stress and muscle strain. Our proprietary design helps correct mechanical back pain that results from failure to maintain the S-curve of the lower spine. Adjustable support can be personalized to your level of firmness and placed according to your desired fit. Support instantly deflates for portability (travel case included), compressing to the size of a soda can.

This product is featured in national television advertising for 2Q2021. Multiple patents pending.

MSRP: $29.99
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Evolution S3®

Style #TPEP2979
Evolution S3® is the world's best engineered neck pillow. We are the only therapeutic neck pillow endorsed by Dr. Neil Ghodadra, nationally renowned orthopedic surgeon to professional athletes. Our innovative Seat Strap System secures the pillow to any seat and provides unparalleled head support to prevent neck pain. Product can be an integral part of any pain management protocol. Evolution S3's success has extended from long haul travel to road trips, gaming/Esports, work from home, dialysis/chemo therapies, long-term care, and everyday rest and relaxation.

MSRP: $39.99
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Evolution Classic®

Style #TPCL3037
Cabeau's patented ergonomic design is offered in our entry level Evolution Classic® for price sensitive customers who require a value proposition due to specific market restrictions. The Evolution Classic is a basic competitively priced solution that still provides high quality support.

MSRP: $29.99


Cabeau S3 best memory foam pillow – doctor approved

Cabeau pillows are endorsed by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Neil Ghodadra, M.D. as the #1 recommended pillow for seated sleep. “Cabeau’s Evolution S3 is the only neck pillow that truly supports the head and neck so you can fall asleep and stay asleep,” Ghodadra states.

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