Bugatti Group Expands its Environmental Initiatives

Committed and keen to make a difference, The Bugatti Group is expanding its environmental initiatives. The project “Welcoming a Beehive,” which started in summer 2020, was initiated when a group of employees expressed the desire to raise awareness of the essential role bees play in our agriculture and food production. Populations of bees, butterflies, bumblebees, and other pollinators are in significant decline around the world. Thanks to a beehive installed on the company’s premises, The Bugatti Group enabled its team to learn more about bees, their habits, and the important work they do. Through urban beekeeping company, Alveole, The Bugatti Group has been able to provide a safe and healthy living environment for a colony counting more than 70,000 bees. At the end of the summer, The Bugatti Group gladly collected 100 jars of honey!