TALUS has provided reliable, problem-solving travel and car accessories since 1985. Our full line covers locks, RFID blockers, pillows and blankets to car trash bags, cargo organizers and more. We provide you with a solid assortment of what sells, priced so you can profit. Our products offer value — through product innovations at reasonable prices or reliable evergreens at modest prices. Packaging is clean and consistent — your consumers can understand how each product meets their needs without fluff. Our first product, the Hedbed™ inflatable travel pillow, taught the power of re-orders. “Time for another case” is how we started and what we strive for. Our team averages 15 years of service. We still work with our first supplier and first customer — we hope you’ll join us.

When you call, a real person will answer and we’ll speed your order out the door or resolve your problem. It’s how we want to be treated and it’s how we do business.