Pitkin Stearns

Pitkin Stearns is the U.S. agent for the rollup travel games by Sondergut and portable baby sleep products by Rockit Sleep.

www.RockitSleep.com: The Rockit Rocker attaches to any stroller and rocks the baby encouraging sleep. Zed vibrates the crib’s mattress with two agitating motors replicating the motion of a vehicle starting and stopping. Who doesn’t fall asleep to the vibration of a car? The Wooshh is a small but ever mighty sound soother (white noise). All are designed to be used at home. And great when traveling as you can bring along the familiar sounds, familiar mattress vibration and soothing rocking sensation while traveling.

www.Sondergut.com: The highest quality and the lightest weight travel games on the market. Backgammon and chess/checkers. Multiple board color options available in backgammon.