Pang Wangle: Bug Repellent Outdoor & Travel Wear

Pang Wangle creates earth-friendly accessories and apparel with built-in Insect Shield® technology, giving your customers effortless protection from biting insects; a break from sticky, toxic bug spray; and the freedom to have more fun outside. Our soft and versatile wraps, scarves, bandanas, blankets, leggings and pants have an odorless bug barrier that lasts 70+ washes. Its EPA approved safe for the entire family, including pregnant or nursing women and infants.

Global warming is expanding insect habitats, and vector-borne diseases are on the rise. Your customers are looking for help. Bug sprays and lotions put chemicals onto your skin, into the air, into the water supply, and hurt the environment. They’re sticky, smelly and generally despised. Give your shoppers a pretty and eco-friendly alternative — they’ll love you for it! Most of our products are one-size-fits all. With modern, colorful packaging they make the perfect gift, as well as an eye-catching display anywhere in your store.

Pang Wangle is a vintage American phrase meaning “to go along cheerfully despite minor misfortunes.” Our name reflects our optimist approach to enjoying the outdoors — despite those little blood-suckers — with the right clothes and the right attitude. Woman-owned small business, based in New Orleans, LA.