The Bugatti Group Inc.

Recognized for the past 80 years for its expertise, The Bugatti Group is a Quebec company that creates, designs, manufactures, imports and sells high-quality luggage, briefcases, handbags and accessories worldwide. It is present on 3 continents and in 6 countries with its renowned brands.

Agile and forward-looking, The Bugatti Group now also positions itself as an innovative leader in the sanitization and disinfection products industry.

With its 55 passionate employees, The Bugatti Group thrives on the trust placed in it by its customers. A catalyst for excellence, this confidence motivates its commitment to providing the best customer experience.

To be a reliable business partner that provides quality branded products that delight our customers, always keeping our Vision statement in mind and at the forefront.

To be recognized as a role model in North America for outstanding customer service at all levels and offer quality products that contribute to our customer’s needs and individuality.