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Bottleguardian was created by a husband and wife team in need of a career change, who jumped headfirst into small business ownership. Their extensive travel histories led them to solve a travel problem for what they saw as an under-served niche – wine enthusiasts.

“We wanted to create proper protection for bottles, allowing liquid souvenirs to safely endure the journey home without breaking and damaging clothing and other keepsakes,” says Mark Van Dyke. “We wanted to eliminate that worry and let travelers enjoy the fun of bringing a fragile piece of their vacation home.”

The Bottleguardian is a robust, reusable, bottle travel case that goes inside checked luggage. Its rigid, high density polyethylene construction securely holds the majority of “normal” 750 ml bottles safely, protecting them from breakage. A rubber O-ring seal leakproofs the Bottleguardian, protecting clothing from stains in the event of breakage. The top of the Bottleguardian can be inverted and screwed into the bottom to save space when not in use.

For more information, visit or contact Mark Van Dyke at; 713-447-6407.